Quality of life features: Collapsed comments and pending peer tab

We are currently working with incredible developers that test our features everyday.

Keypup is growing and we regularly introduce new features based on feedback we get from you guys. Keep in mind that we want you to enjoy your Keypup platform with maximum comfort.

One of Keypup's missions is to ensure that your Priority Inbox is as streamlined as possible, to make it nice and easy for you.

To do so, we introduced two quality of life features: collapsed comments and pending peer tabs.

Eager to know more about those features? There you go !

No more long scrolling

Working on an important item can involve very long discussions. Well… no more scrolling to access the data you need ! Item comments are now collapsable. This will give you a better overview of the items currently in your inbox and avoid long scrolling for items having lengthy creative/heated/funny discussions :) No need to keep it short, you can write as much as you want without taking all the space! Just click on the >< button to expand or to collapse the discussion feed.

See at a glance pending pull requests from your team with the “Pending Peer” tab

We are introducing the pending peer tab. This tab contains all the items prioritized for you which must be actioned by others.

It can be pull requests pending review from other people in your team as well as pull requests that you are not expected to merge yourself.

The purpose of the "Pending Peer" tab is really to get items you have actioned out of your priority inbox as soon as possible so as to keep your priorities focused on the actionable items... and to allow you to gently nudge your colleagues so that your great work gets out there quickly!

We believe that small but smart features can have a meaningful impact on developers’ everyday lives.

What do you think?

That’s not all folks ! We will regularly keep you informed on new quality of life features coming up. Do not hesitate to share with us what you want to see on Keypup to help us make it your best buddy!

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