Build the future of data-driven engineering

Keypup is the next big thing for development teams to level up their game, using data-driven engineering.

Our platform leverages activity data (GitHub, JIRA etc) to analyze, segment and contextualize work items. This enriched data is then consolidated into activity reports to help the team visualize their progress and identify their risks, priorities and required actions.
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We are passionate about everything related to development. Because software participates to changing the World, and the professionals behind it are motivated, passionate people who see far, dream big and dedicate time and efforts to denting the universe.

And these dedicated folks live in the same World as the rest of us: a World where more has to be done with always less, and in shorter timeframes.
We are dedicated to helping the developers community by providing the next big tool to help them dream bigger, with less constraints and less time wasted on meaningless activities.

We're not just about creating a tool. We are about supporting a community, with the mindset that greatness requires great tools and that great minds need to operate in a hassle-free environment.
We root for the developers, because they can change the World. We want to be their favourite spanner.

Help us turn development teams into powerhouses

It's all about learning

It's a fact that innovation stems from trials, errors and mistakes. And we fully embrace this. We love innovating - on our products, process, communication, ways of working. We understand that true change comes with a learning curve. And we love it!

Mistakes, and learning from them are a part of our growth, as people, as a team and as a company. Take risks, innovate - this is how we'll rock the World!

Build a product you will love

Craftsmanship is both an art and a science. And you are crafting an awesome product with us, that supports a strong vision and a clear mission statement: we are here to serve present and future developers. We are here to support them.

Our product is only as good as the love we put into crafting it. We are building a strong, long-lasting company and everybody plays an important part into this, particularly our customers.

Build a product you love, love the product you build and share with the developers community - this is how we build a virtuous circle.

Make a difference, every day

There is no other feeling than knowing and seeing that what you do makes an actual, significant and immediate difference around you.

We are big enough to make a true difference on the global stage, and small enough to care about each and everyone of us and each and everyone of our customers.

Being a part of our Team is not being an anonymous bystander. It's being a decider, an inspiring leader and an active contributor to build a great company, proudly supporting its customers and enjoying creating state-of-the-art products and technologies.

You matter to us. You matter to our customers. And you have a chance to inspire people around you on a daily basis.

Embark on an adventure

We consider that work should be more than a succession of meaningless tasks, process to follow and silent contributions. We believe that work should be exciting, fulfilling and rewarding. We are building a great, talented, global Team that will tackle all the challenges ahead of us. They are numerous, but the stronger get going when the goings get stronger!

It's a team effort

Resilience is a key-factor of success when working in an innovative, exciting company. So are a can-do attitude, the ability to constructively criticize and offer solutions and an unquenchable thirst for success.

We strongly believe that there is no 'right' profile for a given job, but that diversity brings a wealth of creativity, openness and ideation that benefits all of us.

Your uniqueness is an asset for our Team. And our Team will uniquely support you and your growth.

To push technologies

We live and breathe technology and innovation by and large. It's our passion, and we love to share it with our customers, colleagues and supporters.

We thrive on discovering, using and creating new technologies, in all areas of our company.

We do not create me-too products. We craft uniqueness. We go the extra mile(s), because we too want to dent that big universe a little...

And make an impact

Not just for our customers, but for the entire developers community. And because software is more often than not at the heart of progress, our impact is not just local.

We help developers move the World forward, and it's our greatest pride.

Let's talk about your future

We value people over diplomas and skills. There is no such thing for us as an“ideal candidate”, but there are people from all walks of life that can just make a tremendous difference for our company from a business and a human perspective.

We need your unique perspective for our continued innovation and success, and we’re looking forward to learning more about you!

Build the future of data-driven engineering

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