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Keypup 2.0 is now available! Empowering Software Engineering Stakeholders To Harness Development Intelligence's Potential

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April 29, 2022
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Explore the realm of Development Intelligence with Keypup 2.0, which goes beyond basic Git Analytics.

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Stakeholders in software engineering often have difficulties gaining visibility into their software development workflows and overall engineering operations. While many software development analytics solutions focus on development cycles, they frequently lack flexibility and variety, or they are limited to a specific platform, such as Git Repositories.

As a result, gathering insights from development stacks is a cumbersome task that requires fetching and processing data from various sources, which takes time and effort and ultimately provides an asynchronous and out-of-date analytics. It shouldn't be so difficult! That is why we have released Keypup 2.0.

What is Keypup?

By merging real-time data from development and project management platforms, Keypup's SaaS solution helps engineering teams and software development stakeholders by-and-large gain a better understanding of their engineering efforts and make more informed, data-driven strategic and tactical decisions.

What’s New in Keypup 2.0

You can use the Keypup 2.0 platform to generate custom reports, insights and dashboards to track the aspects of your project that are most important to you and your stakeholders. It comes with fully customizable templates to save you setup time and effort. With this new version of Keypup, you can:

  • Get proven templates to help you enhance your development performance as a whole, including DORA Metrics, Sprint overviews, quality insights, and more.
  • Monitor and optimize your own activities with pre-built dashboards and insights.
  • Adapt the available templates to match your goals and internal procedures.
  • Build your own insights, reports and dashboards. 

Check our template library and find the most relevant one for your organization.

Don’t take our word for it, try Keypup for free today.

Sign-up and accelerate your engineering organization today !

About Keypup

Keypup's SaaS solution allows engineering teams and all software development stakeholders to gain a better understanding of their engineering efforts by combining real-time insights from their development and project management platforms. The solution integrates multiple data sources into a unified database along with a user-friendly dashboard and insights builder interface. Keypup users can customize tried-and-true templates or create their own reports, insights, and dashboards to get a full picture of their development operations at a glance, tailored to their specific needs.