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Automate Real-Time GitHub Metrics

Facilitate GitHub analytics and unlock powerful GitHub metrics and KPIs to improve software delivery and quality.

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Link Your GitHub Repos and PM Tools

Stop reporting on meaningless ticket volume. Get granular info for each ticket, including the pull request average size, the deployment frequency, the change failure rate, and more. Tell the whole story behind tickets and plan your roadmap accurately.

Use or Customize Pre-Built Templates

If you don’t know where to start, navigate through our software development dashboards and select the most relevant ones. You can adapt them to your own naming convention and processes or use our assisted configuration to get them up and running in minutes.

Build Your Own Data Environment

Navigate through all exposed datasets to build your own insights and dashboards. Access the metadata locked into your Git repositories and aggregate reports from your pull requests, ticketing system, commits, and all associated comments.

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Share and Collaborate on Your GitHub Metrics Dashboards

Foster a data-driven engineering culture with Keypup’s sharing capabilities. Invite your engineering stakeholders to the platform to share and collaborate on the dashboards and insights.

Monitor, Improve, and Scale Your Engineering Operations

Whether you need to identify and solve bottlenecks, manage your technical debt, or test and roll out efficient processes, it all starts with measuring the right metrics. With Keypup, you won’t have to adapt your organization to the tool — all templates are fully customizable so they can evolve with your organization’s needs.

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