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Get the Engineering Metrics tailored to your Software Organization Needs

Stop counting tickets to measure your software engineering and DevOps efficiencies. Get instant access to granular information locked into your Git repositories and improve your software development performance today.

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Connect your Gits and Project Management Platforms to Optimize Your Workflows

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    Git repositories : GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket
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    Project management tools : Jira, Trello, ClickUp
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    Business communication platforms : Slack

Build Your Own Software Engineering Metrics

Improve Performance with Pre-Built Proven Software Engineering Dashboards

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Harness the Power of Software Engineering Data
with Keypup's Datasets and Functions

Keypup unifies various data sources, turning your software development metadata into a single queryable database. Access issues and pull requests data from the main dataset as well as all associated comments, commits and reviews. Query your datasets and apply filters using SQL-like and/or regular expressions (regex) formulas and functions to drill down to details.

Build, Explain, Share, and Collaborate on Software Engineering Metrics and KPIs.

Keypup’s advanced features allow you to better collaborate and spread the word in and outside your organization on your software engineering metrics and KPIs. 

Build and Share Your Dashboards to Foster Collaboration

Keypup’s collections and sharing capabilities allow you to collaborate on dashboards and insights from your collections while controlling permission access. This feature enables you to build collections tailored to your organization’s needs. Users, based on their access permission, can contribute to the evolution of your data-driven engineering organization.

Embed Documentation to Facilitate Understanding and Adoption

Understanding software engineering metrics and KPIs without context or through navigation to other documents can be tricky. With Keypup’s embedded documentation at a dashboard and insight level, you can document each asset to explain how it is calculated, the goal of the asset, and how to read it. Alongside text boxes and dashboard dividers, you can make engineering insights accessible to all levels of the organization.

Assisted Dashboard and Insight Configuration

Start quickly with Keypup's assisted dashboard and insight Configuration! Our hassle-free query engine makes it easy for anyone to customize or create their dashboards and insights, without needing to know SQL or Regex. During onboarding or at any point, you'll be able to set up your views in no time by simply answering a few questions. Get the most out of your data with no effort.

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