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  • 1 to 50 units - $9 per unit - $9
  • Total = $9 per month

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Example pricing

Team Elite signed up on Keypup. They have a total of 153 repos on Github and 39 projects on Jira.

They connect 34 of their Github repos and 21 of their Jira projects to Keypup. That's a total of 55 units connected to Keypup

Team Elite pays a total of $485/month for the platform (50x$9 + 5x$7)

Pricing includes

At Keypup, we strongly believe you can’t get the full value of data-driven engineering if we limit users, historical data or features.

 Unlimited Users
 Unlimited Historical Data
 Unlimited Contributors
 Account & Product Support
 Metrics builder
 Dashboards builder
 Metrics templates
 Dashboards templates
 Reporting & Filtering on Jira Custom Fields
 Git integration
 Project integration

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