At Keypup we love keeping things simple, so we made it sweet for you: our platform is totally free for developers. No catch, no hidden prints, no credit card required. Just plain free.

Developers Plan


$0 / month

Enterprise Plan

We are a team of developers. Do we need an Enterprise Plan?

No you don't. We understand very well that developers are not lone wolves and Enterprise Plans address large-scale, company-wide deployments in large corporates and enterprises. A team of developers - even large - still benefits from our free plan.

All good, and in the future?

Our Enterprise plans will keep growing. These are paid plans designed for large enterprises and corporations that provide similar features to Keypup as you know it, but tailored specifically to the needs of large corporations, using Keypup across the board.

This allows us to keep Keypup free for individual developers and teams in startups, small businesses and small corporate businesses.

Why make it totally free for developers?

Because as we said we are keen developers ourselves, and here to provide more support to our community.

We do need your continuous help though - the more of you keep joining the platform, the better it is as our community is only as strong as its members. Keep on helping us help you. And thank you for your support!

We do not copy, use or sell any of our data or our users' data. To anyone. Under any circumstance. This is and will remain a big no no for us.

You have any question?

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us via the form below. These things matter, so do not hesitate - we will be more than happy to answer any question you may have.


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