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Apr 29, 2022

Keypup 2.0 is now available! What's New?

Dashboard Keypup 2.0

Keypup 2.0 allows you to track the areas of your development activities that are most important to you and your stakeholders, you can utilize the Keypup 2.0 platform to build bespoke reports, insights, and dashboards. It includes fully customizable templates to help you make the most of the development intelligence solution. Keypup 2.0 can be used for a variety of tasks, including:

  • Get DORA Metrics, Sprint Overviews, Quality Insights, and more proven templates to help you improve your complete development outcomes.
  • track and optimize your own operations with pre-built dashboards and insights.
  • Adapt the templates to your specific goals and internal processes.
  • Create your own dashboards, reports, and insights.

Look through our template library to pick the most appropriate one for your company.

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Nov 29, 2021

Monitor your pipe with the Activity Funnel

Activity Funnel in Keypup 1.0

The Activity Funnel is designed to show you the daily changes in your development pipe, exhibit the activity level of each stage and and highlight items that deserve attention.

  • Based on your Team Board: changing the columns of your board will update the funnel view.
  • Shows the activity of each stage: you can quickly identify PRs and issues losing momentum or becoming stale.
  • Ability to drill down: click on each stage to see the relevant items and act on the ones deserving some love.

The Activity Funnel is still in beta. Have some ideas of cool features? Ping us via chat.

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Aug 25, 2021

GitHub project card imported as custom field

GitLab project card import in Keypup 1.0

The integration with GitHub has been extended to enable the following:

  • Pull request and issue associations to GitHub Projects are now imported by Keypup (Project Cards)
  • A GitHub custom field called “Project Cards” has been added to query filters
  • You can use this field to restrict your reports, board columns and prioritization rules to GitHub Project items.
  • This is particularly useful if you need to merge multiple GitHub Project boards in one Team Board on Keypup and ignore the rest (= ignore all untriaged issues not associated with a GitHub Project)
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Aug 25, 2021

Manual priority assignments

Manual priority assignments in Keypup 1.0

This update enables the following:

  • It is now possible to change the priority of a single item from your board or inbox
  • This is useful to temporary raise the priority of items that need a kick
  • This can also be used to reorder items on the team board, based on relative priorities
  • The feature above comes on top of custom prioritization rules and Keypup’s natural ability to infer priorities as an 'override'.
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Aug 24, 2021

Required Approvals fetched from GitHub/GitLab

PR required approval in Keypup 1.0

The integrations to GitHub and GitLab have been updated to support the following:

  • Number of required approvals now fetched from GitHub and GitLab for pull request reviews. If no required approvals are setup, Keypup still enforces a minimum of one.
  • New recommended action “Assign missing reviewers”. If one of your pull requests is in review but missing reviewers to reach the minimum number of required approvals, you’ll know about it 😉
  • Added “required approvals” and “required approvals remaining” to query filters. If you need to create reports, board columns or prioritization rules based on approval statuses, these new fields are the way to go!
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Jul 20, 2021

New Agile Feature - Team retrospective

Agile Feature Keypup 1.0

With Keypup Retrospectives, developers are finally able to provide feedback remotely, at their own pace, without interrupting their work.

  • Retrospectives are easy to prepare, easy to run. You can schedule retrospectives at regular intervals, that you set to match your development cycles. Set the start date, the frequency of occurrence and the feedback window.
  • When it's retro time, each developer will automatically receive an email or chat notification asking them to fill their retrospective and our platform will follow up automatically until completion.
  • When a retrospective closes, an email is sent to the whole team with the results. You can access to the full report in Keypup. The report is shareable within the team and saved for easy exploitation. Each aspect of the project is analyzed factually to improve future deliveries.

We built this new feature for all the remote teams that struggle to prepare retrospectives and collect usable data. This feature will save teams hours of meetings and allow retro to actually be actionable, as every team member has a say and provides contextual feedback.

The retrospective feature is currently in beta. Want to provide feedback or ask for improvements? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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Jun 10, 2021

Performance update - Faster data synchronization and UI loading

Keypup 1.0 Performance update

We recently brought various performance improvements to the platform to deliver faster data synchronization and data display. We also implemented a series of general improvements and bug fixes across the platform.

  • Speed up third-party data ingestion and data enrichment processing time
  • As part of this performance work, we also brought many improvements to Cloudtasker, our open source library for GCP Cloud Tasks . These improvements will soon be released as part of v0.12.0.
  • Improve JIRA and Trello data fetching strategies, with better support for throttling and pagination.
  • Improve UI loading strategy, using on-demand content loading. See our writeup on this approach on our blog.
  • Improve default inbox prioritization rules, especially for items recently worked on
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Mar 12, 2021

Connect multiple JIRA sites (multi-instance)

Multiple Jira instances management in Keypup 1.0

There are some cases where a company has multiple JIRA sites, either for different clients or different projects.

This new feature is for any agency, company or freelancer working on multiple client JIRA sites. We've made some enhancements for you to track projects across multiple JIRA instances. You can keep adding as many JIRA sites as you need then select which projects you wish to import on the projects page.

No matter the naming conventions and workflow specificities in your JIRA sites, you can harmonize your overall workflow statuses in Keypup.

Consolidate all JIRA instances on Keypup to have one nice organized view. You will now be able to remotely comment on issues belonging to the JIRA sites you connected.

Multiple JIRA instances + one Keypup account = One Global Workflow instead of multiple JIRA workflows completely separated from each others.

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Mar 11, 2021

Better prioritization of implemented issues (to be closed)

Issues priorization in Keypup 1.0

This release provides better visibility of which issues are ready to be closed.

When an issue remains open after its related pull requests have been merged, we now move the issue back to the priority inbox of its assignees with the action close.

This new behaviour allows you to take action on the issue, that is either re-assign it to people which must still do work on it (e.g. end to end testing) or simply close it. No dangling issue due to someone forgetting to close it!

Along with this new feature we now display issues which are currently being implemented by pull requests in the Coming Up tab with the action Wait for PR. This allows you to see at a glance which issues are currently being worked on, but without spamming your actual inbox. As with pull requests, you can see the unified feed of discussions on these issues.

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Mar 8, 2021

Shareable dynamic reports (Data Explorer)

Shareable dynamic reports - Keypup 1.0

The Data Explorer already allows you to query any development items from your projects without API and create reports.

We updated the Data Explorer with shareable reports.

Share your reports with your team or individual members.

What's great about this feature is the ability to share your reports directly with your teammates, so that you track the same things at the same time - and you can work in sync with your team and collaborate faster.

In the Query editor, just select the visibility of your report before you save it. You can also pin this report for all team members' priority inboxes and choose the order of appearance in their priority tab.

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Mar 5, 2021

Agile Board for developers

Agile boards in Keypup 1.0

The team board is a visual way to follow the progress of issues and pull requests across all your usual tools, individually or as a team. Unlike Trello or JIRA, there is no need to move cards - the board is automatically updated based on the status of items.

Each column in the board is configured to retrieve issues and pull requests matching specific criteria. By default columns are configured in the following way:

  • Todo: Any open issue with at least one assignee
  • In development: Any open pull request which is not currently in review or for which changes have been requested
  • In review: Any open pull request for which a review has been requested or any pull request which has been approved but currently having build issues or conflicting with the base branch.
  • Mergeable: Any open pull request which has been approved, has a green build and does not conflict with the base branch.
  • Done: Any issue or pull request which has been closed or merged within the last 3 days.

Columns can be fully customized to match your own development steps and workflows. So you do not need to stick with the default ones.

By default the Team board shows you the progress of items across all team members. You can filter the board for a specific Team Member by using the View as filter.

The Team Board can easily be customized to better fit your development workflows. If you are using Scrum, Kanban or a mix of both, the Agile board can accomodate all tracking methodologies at the same time. All projects, no matter which methodology, in the one consolidated board.

This is not just another Agile board. It is not complicated. It is not for the project manager. It is a simple, yet powerful agile board designed specifically for developers by developers.

Watch the demo video

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Mar 5, 2021

Auto-linking all issues and discussions to pull requests

Issues, discussions and pull requests linked in Keypup 1.0

The auto-linking feature allows issues to be related to pull requests and have Keypup group these items automatically in your Priority Inbox for a better visibility.

You don't need to do anything extra as it integrates natively with existing auto-linking features of GitHub or GitLab or Bitbucket.

The auto-linking feature automatically creates a unified conversation feed across all items. This makes it way easier to ensure that you haven't missed any update on a related item. Note that you can still access each individual item-related discussion separately as well.

The auto-linking works with any number of issues and you get a nice summary by clicking on the inbox item.

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Mar 5, 2021

Bitbucket integration

Bitbucket integration in Keypup 1.0

Our Bitbucket integration allows you to import pull requests into Keypup and better track development activities across all projects in one place - especially if you connect JIRA as well.

Get instant clarity on your pull request statuses. Finally a clear tracking view individually and across the board.

Pull Requests and JIRA issues nicely aggregated and prioritized

Tag JIRA or Trello issues in your pull request commits or title and Keypup will automatically aggregate those. Pull requests will automatically be prioritized based on due dates of attached issues.

All your pull requests in one view

Struggling to follow pull requests across all your Bitbucket projects? Keypup centralizes them all in the Review & Merge board to give you an easy way to follow what's going on.

Developer board or JIRA board? Both!

Using JIRA or Trello to track your Bitbucket development? Is that JIRA board not developer-centric enough? Get your own automated development board with Keypup.

Create your own reports

Need a better overview of Bitbucket activity? Create your own report on current or past pull requests to get a better understanding of development activities.

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Mar 5, 2021

Build dynamic reports based on JIRA custom fields

Jira custom fields reports in Keypup 1.0

Keypup now provides auto-discovery of JIRA custom fields because we know that most developers will customize their Jira to suit their needs.

Upon connecting your JIRA instance, Keypup automatically fetches and makes available filtering all JIRA fields with supported data types - this way, your own custom Jira is now ready in Keypup.

JIRA custom fields can be complex and we do our best to provide filtering that makes sense. Base JIRA fields are often composed of arrays, nested objects etc.. The Data Explorer automatically generates field and sub-field filters for these more complex fields as well.

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Mar 5, 2021

ClickUp integration

ClickUp logo

Our ClickUp integration allows you to import project management data into Keypup and easily link issues to pull requests to get better visibility on what is getting resolved and when pull requests are due, among others.

What is the ClickUp integration for?

Link ClickUp cards to pull requests

Keypup now allows you to link ClickUp cards to pull request, giving you the best of both worlds: project management data synced with  repository data !
Simply use the URL of a ClickUp card in your pull request title or description.

Quick replies on cards

Quickly reply on cards from the Priority inbox, either directly on the card or via the activity feed when a card is nested under a pull request. Call that a time saver! (plus again, keeping data/comments consistent across all other apps).

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Mar 5, 2021

Query repository and development data and save reports with the Data Explorer

Data Explorer - Keypup 1.0

The data explorer allows you to easily query pull request and issue data and save these queries as reports. Reports can also be pinned as tabs on your Priority Inbox for easy access.

No API calls. All queries and reports in the one place. Yep - that simple. And really performing - the reports you will get can be customized at will and have many conditions. Oh, and they're dynamic, so once created, you can just follow up on them to see your progress.

You can find all your JIRA custom fields to perform queries. They will be automatically added to the standard fields.

Reports are shareable - so not only can you share them directly with your PM, but also with any of your teammates, so that you track the same things at the same time - and you can collaborate faster.

Watch the demo video

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Mar 5, 2021

Feature improvement - Pull request and issues linking

Pull Request linked to Issues in Keypup 1.0

Major improvements have been made on the auto-linking feature along with our December 2020 feature release, the Team Board.

Pull request and issues linking is quite an essential concept in Keypup because it allows for two things:

  • Pull requests and related issues are automatically grouped in your Priority Inbox or the Team Board. This considerably reduces the number of items to deal with on a daily basis and makes for a clean, easy and direct reading of everything a Pull Request addresses (including all nested issues). More convenient than having to conduct speleological searches in your repo, no?
  • Pull request due dates are automatically inferred based on the due dates of related issues. This means Keypup can properly prioritize pull requests to the right person when moved to review or merge status.

There are multiple ways to link issues to pull requests.

You can link issues and pull requests from the Priority Inbox (checkout our docs below)

Or you can link issues using closing keywords directly from GitHub and GitLab via:

  • Pull request title
  • Pull request description
  • Commit message

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Mar 5, 2021

GitHub integration

GitHub logo

Our GitHub integration allows you to import pull requests and issues to better track development activities across all projects in one place.
Get instant clarity on your pull request statuses.

Pull requests & issues prioritized and automatically aggregated

Development items are automatically prioritized based on due dates and recommended actions in your Priority inbox.
Track your items easily by linking your issues and pull requests. You can make comments that will be disseminated in GitHub.

Merge pull requests in one click

Keypup evaluates the readiness of a pull request and give you recommend actions. When Pull Requests are mergeable, have a green build and have been approved, Keypup will send a notification to project maintainers.
Pull Requests can then be merged directly from in just a click from the Review and Merge board.

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Mar 5, 2021

GitLab hosted is now supported!

GitLab Hosted supported by keypup 1.0

Keypup now allows you to connect hosted GitLab instances, giving you the best of both worlds: the Gitlab hosted instance you are used to and like combined with the full power of the Keypup engine to help you be more efficient and gain visibility and agility.

In order to complete the connection process you'll need to create an OAuth application in GitLab. Nothing too complicated as you know

It's a great feature because you can enhance your workflow and gain precious time with these remote actions from the dashboard:

  • Link merge requests and issues: merge requests and issues can be linked to each other directly from the Priority inbox using the 🔗 icon. In order to link items we update the description of the parent merge request and add a "closes: https://issue-url.domain" auto-linking keyword at the bottom of it.
  • Merge pull requests: approved merge requests with a green build on the Keypup platform - if any - and a mergeable status can be merged directly from the Keypup Review & Merge board.
  • Quick reply on items: it is possible to comment on a merge request or an issue from the Priority inbox. For issues replies can be done either directly on the issue or via the issue activity feed when an issue is nested under a merge request.
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Mar 5, 2021

Jira integration

Jira Software logo

Our JIRA integration allows you to import project management data into Keypup and easily link issues to pull requests to get better visibility on what is getting resolved and when pull requests are due. Our integration also includes JIRA's custom fields, for maximum tracking efficiency.

Turn JIRA into a simple, effective development tracking tool.

Keypup now allows you to link JIRA issues to pull request, giving you the best of both worlds: project management data synced with repository data !
Simply use the URL or a key of a JIRA issue in your pull request title or description
Quickly reply on issues from the Priority inbox, either directly on the issue or via the issue activity feed when an issue is nested under a pull request.

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Mar 5, 2021

Keybot, the developer's assistant is released

Keybot from Keypup 1.0

"Hello, my name is Keybot. I am pleased to meet you. You are a developer and I am your new best friend - I will help you daily by simply communicating with you by email or on Slack to help you navigate your priorities."

Keybot is your new development assistant. Get any insights on all your development and issue trackers tools.

What does Keybot do?

You can find Keybot in your email inbox or on Slack. He helps sort out all your Pull Requests, merge reviews and more.

  • ⏰ Daily digests with your top priorities
  • ✅ Green PR Merge recommendations
  • 🔍 Provides answers on your development queries - for instance the state of pull requests

Because Monday needs an extra push, Keybot sends a complete summary of your development project progress, a short digest of your most urgent priorities, and the reason why I know it's urgent - either because of the due date of an item, or because of its criticality.

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Mar 5, 2021

Remote actions

Remote Action Feature - Keypup 1.0

Remote actions give you the ability to action items directly from Keypup. So that in one click you can trigger actions in all your connected tools at once.

Merge pull requests in GitHub or GitLab as well as comment on items in apps directly (GitHub, GitLab, JIRA or Clickup), all of that from the one place at once.

Quick reply on items

This quick reply feature is compatible with PRs which are auto-linked to issues. Commenting on the unified feed will comment on the PR itself, while commenting on an item-specific feed will create a comment in the remote system this issue belongs to (e.g. JIRA).

Merge pull requests straight from the Review & Merge Board

The Review & Merge Board, provides the capacity of merging your pull requests in one click. Items flagged as "Merge" in your review & merge board can now be merged directly from Keypup! No need to navigate to GitHub or GitLab to do so!

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Mar 5, 2021

Slack integration - Keybot gets smarter

Keypup 1.0 Slack Integration

Our Slack integration sets Keybot up - your soon-to-be best friend, and more pragmatically Keypup's communication bot -  into your workspace to communicate with you when important events occur.

It is also possible to ask questions to Keybot to quickly get an overview of the status of pull requests, issues and development tasks. For example asking "Which PRs are ready to be merged" will prompt Keybot to return the list of pull requests which are mergeable, have a green build, and have been approved.

Morning digest

Keypup users on Slack receive a morning digest every day at 9:05 am with the top priorities of their Priority inbox. And because we know Mondays need an extra push, Keybot will start the week with a comprehensive digest of your activities from last week and your outstanding priorities for this week. Handy, right?

Merge recommendations

When pull requests are mergeable, have a green build, and have been approved, Keybot will send a notification to project maintainers and propose to merge them. One click, and merged they are!

Asking questions to Keybot

You can ask questions to Keybot to get an update on pull requests and issues.

Here are a few examples of questions you may ask:

  • How many PRs can be merged?
  • Which PRs can be merged?
  • How many issues are open?
  • How many PRs have been merged last week?
  • Which PRs are ready to be reviewed?
  • ...and more!
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Mar 5, 2021

The Keypup Priority Inbox

Priority Inbox - Keypup 1.0 version

The purpose of the priority inbox on Keypup is to gather items that you - as a developer - must action rapidly. The priority inbox leverages data from all apps you connected in order to evaluate the priority of items and the actions to take for each of them.

The priority inbox currently provides two actions.

Link pull requests to issues

Issues can be related to pull requests using keywords in titles, descriptions, and commits. Keypup will automatically combine items and activity feeds.

auto linking issues to pull request

Comment on pull requests or issues

A Quick reply field is also available for on items and related items (related items appear when a pull request is grouped with related issues).

Watch the feature video

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Mar 5, 2021

Trello integration

Trello logo

Our Trello integration allows you to import project management data directly into Keypup and easily link cards to pull requests to get better visibility on what is getting resolved and when pull requests are due.

Link Trello cards to pull requests

Keypup now allows you to link Trello cards to pull requests, giving you the best of both worlds: project management data synced with repository data!
Simply use the URL of a Trello card in your pull request title or description.

Quick replies on cards

Quickly reply on cards from the Priority inbox, either directly on the card or via the activity feed when a card is nested under a pull request. Call that a time saver! (plus again, keeping data/comments consistent across all other apps).

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