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Automate Real-Time GitLab Metrics

Facilitate GitLab analytics and get access to GitLab metrics and KPIs aimed at improving your software delivery and quality.

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From startups to large enterprises, Keypup serves all the unique complexities related to project size, structure and teams, including:

Link Your GitLab Repos and PM Tools

Get granular info for each ticket, including deployment frequency, mean time to recovery, change failure rate, and more. Unlock the story behind tickets and stay on top of your roadmap.

Leverage Pre-Built GitLab Metrics Templates

Navigate through our software development dashboards to select and adapt our available GitLab metrics and dashboards. You can leverage our assisted configuration to get them adapted to your processes and needs in no time.

Build Your Own Metrics

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to engineering organizations. With Keypup, instantly access the datasets populated from your GitLab environment (cloud and on-prem) to build reports from your pull requests, ticketing system, commits, and all associated comments.

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Collaborate on Your GitLab Metrics Dashboards

Bring as many contributors as you need to the platform without additional cost. Invite your engineering stakeholders to the platform to share and collaborate on the dashboards and insights. 

Measure, Improve, and Scale Your Engineering Efficiencies

In order to identify and fix roadblocks, keep track of your technical debts, or introduce and implement efficient processes, you must initially track the relevant metrics. With Keypup, you do not have to adjust your company to the software — all the templates are customizable so they can meet your organization’s requirements.

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