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How-to tutorials
Mastering Code Review

Mastering Code Reviews: Best Practices for Effective Development Workflows

How to Use Engineering Dashboard-Level Filtering Using Keypup

Engineering datasets

How to Leverage and Understand Keypup's Various Datasets

How to Create a Software Engineering Dashboard Using Keypup's Configuration Assistant

Understanding and Modifying Keypup’s Metric Documentation

Connecting Apps and Enabling Projects in Keypup

Adapt engineering metrics with custom formulas

How to Modify Engineering Metrics Using Keypup’s Custom Formula

Custom engineering dashboards

How to Create an Engineering Dashboard from Scratch Using Keypup

Build engineering metrics

How to Create Engineering Metrics in No Time Using Keypup's Configuration Assistant

Drill-down engineering metrics

How to Explore Engineering Metrics Details That Matter Using Keypup's Drill-Down Feature

Collaborating better

How to Invite Team Members and Share Your Dashboards in Keypup

How to Leverage Keypup's Documentation While Working in the Platform

Engineering Metrics Filters

How to Narrow Down Engineering Metrics Using Keypup's Filters

Calculate cycle time in software development

A Step-by-Step Guide to Calculate Cycle Time in Software Development

What Is the People, Process, Technology Framework?


How To Link Pull Requests to Issues Using GitHub

Tech Leaders Adding Apps to Keypup

How-To Connect and Disconnect Applications to the Keypup Platform

Developers connecting repos and projects to Keypup

How-To Connect and Disconnect Projects and Repos using Keypup

Software Development Team Building a Dashboard Using Keypup

How-To Create and Customize a Dashboard Using Keypup Development Intelligence Solution

Software Engineering Team Building KPIs Using Keypup

How to create Engineering KPIs using Keypup in 4 simple steps

Software Engineering Team Building Insights

How-To Create a Custom Chart Using Keypup in 6 Simple Steps

Software Engineers and Product Managers creating boards and cards using Keypup

4 Quick Steps to Display Cards and Boards Using Keypup

Software Engineering Team Building Custom Reports Using Keypup

How-To Create a Custom Report Using Keypup in 3 Simple Steps