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Time to let your Keypup assistant handle the housekeeping for you
Works with your usual development tools. Just a friendly automation assistant on top. And by the way it's free!
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Focus on development

Stop wasting time organizing your tasks. Keypup automatically prioritizes your data, tasks and actions. No more spamming.
Automatically prioritized

Issues, pull requests and reviews are automatically prioritized based on due date, actions, criticality & more.

Items aggregated

Pull requests and issues are automatically grouped based on links. All information in one place.

Action from the one place

All items have clear actions such as implement, review, merge. Action and Keypup disseminates in your tools.

Get notified

Have Slack? We'll remind you of important actions

Items prioritized and aggregated

The Priority Inbox sorts out, groups and displays your current priorities and items from your code repositories and tracking tools.

All discussions across different tools attached to each item as a discussion group for convenience and easy referencing.

Action, follow up and automate tasks from a single platform and let our system handle the dissemination in your usual tools.

Clear and targeted actions

All items have clear actions in term of what should​ be done next: implement, review, rebase, fix build are examples of typical actions.

Our engine also automatically assigns the right people to items based on context and required actions, such as assigning to reviewers for peer reviews or active maintainers for merging.

No more sprint boards bloated with non actionable items!

Review & merge PRs across the board

Use the Review & Merge triage board to assess at a glance the merging readiness of pull requests.

No more stale pull requests due to diverging code or lack of review.

Directly take actions (merge, review, reject) as suggested and our system will take care of disseminating in your various tools.

Now Live — Keybot


Your bot buddy to chat with on Slack and get all the information you need at your fingertips.
Get a short daily digest summarizing your priorities.

​Ask Keybot questions about your developments, activities and follow ups.

​Tell Keybot to perform actions for you across your tools. Merging PRs have never been easier!

​A quiet, efficient, chat-based Developers' Assistant
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