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From startups to large enterprises, Keypup serves all the unique complexities related to project size, structure and teams, including:

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Software Development Analytics to Unlock Your Engineering Teams' Potential

How can you improve what you can't effectively measure?

Keypup's software development analytics layer puts engineering metrics at the forefront. It helps explore, interpret, and configure real-time development data into fully customizable metrics — reports, charts, cards, KPIs, and dashboards — to enable immediate contextualization, better governance, and scale across the organization.

Use Cases

Map and analyze the value stream by tracking and measuring performance metrics. By using VSM, you can gain a better understanding of your engineering team's value creation process, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately increase your ability to deliver value to customers more quickly and effectively.

Keypup helps with Value Stream Management

Identify patterns and trends in your git(s) and PM tool metadata that may not be immediately visible to developers or managers. Keypup can help identify which parts of the software development process are taking the most time or causing the most defects, enabling teams to focus their efforts on improving those areas.

Keypup helps accelerate Software Delivery

Improve software quality by identifying and addressing issues before they become critical. By monitoring metrics such as number of bugs, time to resolution, and how quickly you recover from incidents in production, teams can identify and address critical issues earlier, reducing the time and effort required to fix them later.

Keypup helps identifying Software Quality Processes issues

Monitor risks related to software development and usage, such as pull request (PR) review ratio and green build prior to merge for all PRs. By monitoring these metrics, you can identify potential risks and take action to mitigate them before they become critical.

Keypup helps create in no time audit & compliance reports

Metrics are a critical tool for measuring sprints and roadmap accuracy. They provide visibility, predictability, and accountability, and help teams to continuously improve their planning processes. By tracking and analyzing key metrics, teams can make data-driven decisions to optimize their performance and deliver high-quality software on time and on budget.

Keypup helps increase accuracy of sprint and roadmaps planning

Scale performance, not cost.

Don't commit to financials without fully understanding the product. Keypup's flexible pricing models grant free access to all to explore and adopt.

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Go Beyond Git Analytics


Connect and Explore

Connect to your Git repo(s) and ticketing/project management platform(s) and transform your software development meta-data silos into a unified, detailed, and solution-centric ecosystem with Keypup's Canonical Data Model (CDM).

Leverage Keypup’s engineering metrics builder to extract decision-enabling visualizations, highlight roadblocks, and power efficiency.


Visualize and Analyze

Choose from best-in-class templates, or build live, easy-to-understand visuals — pick the best way to extract raw data and expose meaningful narratives to your organization.

Use our assisted or advanced metrics builder to leverage and adapt pre-built dashboards and in-house metrics.  Create and collaborate on personalized and documented views to uncover decisive information.


Improve and Scale

Build a software development data ecosystem that seamlessly ties in with the future of your organization.

Keypup's ready-to-use templates can help monitor key aspects, such as your team’s performance, development efficiency, quality and delivery, resource planning, processes, and more. A shift in mindset can enable you to become a data-first engineering organization and drive company growth.

Build custom engineering KPIs and dashboards to tell your unique software development story.

All Engineering Metrics in a widget format

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