Reclaim your own development time.

Focus your development team
on key Pull Requests and Issues

Configure. Automate. Follow up.
Clean the mess around PRs.
A friendly assistant on top to manage your dev team's work, explore your project data and automate actions & follow ups.

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Organize your PRs and issues you must.
Reclaim your dev time you will.

Keypup integrates with...

Focus on development

Stop wasting time organizing your team's tasks and reduce your workload. Keypup automatically prioritizes your team's data, tasks and actions. Work knowing the mess is under control.
Automatically prioritized

Issues, pull requests and reviews prioritized based on due date, actions, criticality & more. Implement your own priorities for you and your team.

Unified team discussions

Pull requests and issues are automatically grouped based on links. All information synced in one place. Your team's discussion in a unified feed for each Pull Request.

Remote actions

All items have clear actions such as implement, review, merge. Action and Keypup disseminates in your tools.

Get notified

Have Slack? We'll remind you of important actions and follow ups.


Focus the effort

Pull requests & issues prioritized and aggregated automatically for your team members

The Priority Inbox sorts out, groups and displays current priorities and items from your code repositories and tracking tools to each of your team members.

All discussions across different tools attached to each item as a discussion group for convenience and easy referencing. No more information missing or overlooked.

Action, follow up and automate tasks from a single platform and let our system handle the dissemination in your usual tools.

Save time & automate your process

Clear actions suggested for each Pull Request

All items have clear actions in term of what should​ be done next: implement, review, rebase, fix build are examples of typical actions.

Our engine also automatically assigns the right people from your team to items based on context and required actions, such as assigning to reviewers for peer reviews or active maintainers for merging.

No more sprint boards bloated with non actionable items!

Maintain a clean code base

Review & merge pull requests across repositories

Use the Review & Merge triage board to assess at a glance the merging readiness of all pull requests.

No more stale pull requests due to diverging code or lack of review.

Directly take actions (merge, review, reject) as suggested and our system will take care of disseminating in your various tools.

Notifications and alerts are sent by mail or Slack to let you know when Pull Requests are ready to merge.

Stay on top of what matters

Query your development data without API calls with our Data Explorer. Custom dynamic reports

The Data Explorer allows you to query any data related to your issues and pull requests as well as to save, share and pin reports to see how they evolve.

No more jumping around browser tabs to understand what's happening across your projects. Simply enter your query from a clean and clear interface and voilà! Dynamic reports right at your fingertips.

Pin reports as tabs in your Keypup Priority Inbox, to have them readily available and track evolution.

Actions, priorities and reminders directly on Slack


Keybot sends you and your team members reminders on your priorities and allows you to take actions directly from Slack.
You and your team members get a short daily digest summarizing current priorities.

​Ask Keybot questions about your developments, activities and follow ups.

​Tell Keybot to perform actions for you across your tools. Merging Pull Requests have never been easier!

​A quiet, efficient, chat-based Developers' Assistant
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