Elevate Your Jira Reporting with Advanced Analytics

Unlock the full potential of Jira reporting with Keypup, your go-to solution for integrating across multiple Jira sites, including Cloud and Data Center. Dive into real-time, customizable Jira analytics and metrics to transform your development process.

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From startups to large enterprises, Keypup serves all the unique complexities related to project size, structure and teams, including:

“Keypup is a highly useful and practical platform, boasting user-friendly features and lightning-fast report generation.

The service provided by customer support was excellent, showcasing their dedication to customer satisfaction. We are delighted to be part of the Keypup community.”

“Keypup has been instrumental in helping us gain a better perspective on our engineering activities and identifying bottlenecks. Its ease of use combined with its comprehensive features made a difference for us”

“Great product with great support!

Keypup is extremely flexible in its reporting. Once you get your raw data connected, there is almost nothing it can't do. There is a wealth of tables, charts and other reports available. As Director of a software development team, I use Keypup to report on our work efficiencies to senior managment. Keypup makes this task very simple to produce each week.”

Brad B.

Director, Software Development

Welcome to Keypup: Your Ultimate Jira Reporting Tool

Step into the future of Jira analytics with Keypup. While you can already leverage our platform for unparalleled insights, we're excited to announce recent and upcoming features that will enhance your experience:

Access Comprehensive integrations : Seamlessly connect with both Jira Cloud and Jira Data Center.

Track time spent in each column: Unlock the power to measure time spent in each phase of your project lifecycle with unprecedented precision. Whether your team refers to stages as "In-Development," "In-Progress" or "In-QA," Keypup adapts to your terminology. This unique feature allows you to:

Jira Time in Column configuration example
  • Measure time spent in each workflow status: Tailor your analytics to reflect your team's unique workflow, whether it's tracking time spent in review, development, QA, or any custom stage.
  • Gain insight into efficiency: Understand where time is being invested, identify bottlenecks, and streamline your processes for maximum efficiency.
  • Enhance project management: With detailed insights into every stage of the development cycle, manage your projects more effectively and make informed decisions that drive success.

Embrace a tool that evolves with your needs, offering the flexibility to track and analyze your projects on your terms. Keypup is here to bring your Jira analytics into the future, customized exactly to your specifications.

Empower Your Jira Reporting with Customizable Insights

Access over 60+ Metrics templates and 10+ software development dashboards to kick-start your analytics journey. Whether you use our pre-built options or customize your own, Keypup offers unmatched flexibility.

Unleash Key Features for Advanced Jira Reporting

🔐 Jira SSO Sign-Up/Login

Smoothly onboard your team using Jira credentials.

🔄 Comprehensive Monitoring

Enhance your Jira reporting with end-to-end issue and pull request tracking, within Jira and beyond.

🚀 Customized Templates for Quick Starts

Boost productivity with templates designed for your needs, optimizing your Jira analytics.

🔍 Smart Filtering

Zero in on crucial data for informed decision-making with intelligent Jira metrics.

🔎 In-Depth Drill-Down Analysis

Gain actionable insights and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

🌐 Unified View Across Projects & Repos

Get a holistic overview of your development activities, enriching your Jira reporting process with insights from your code collaboration tools.

Anticipate the Next Leap in Jira Reporting

We're enhancing Keypup based on your feedback, including integration with Jira Data Center and advanced column time tracking. These features are on the horizon, and you can be among the first to access them.

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