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Monitor and Improve Software Quality with Real-Time Engineering Metrics

Code quality software alone won’t allow you to spot workflow inefficiencies impacting your product quality. With Keypup, identify and solve inefficiencies at any step of the software lifecycle.

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Spot and Remove Roadblocks

Utilize and modify our already established pattern to identify shortcomings in your development processes. Monitor your average PR size, quantify and classify the bugs in production by severity, monitor how quickly your team is addressing and solving the right bugs, and ultimately improve your customer experience.

Data-Driven Engineering Investment

When you are looking to bring in additional senior developers, purchase automation technology, or introduce a fresh process, you will have more success if you provide evidence in the form of data and projected improvements. Keypup allows you to track how your results are evolving as you bring in new talent and utilize new tools.

Test, Monitor, Adjust, and Improve

Assess your changes within a team and see how it has impacted software quality metrics. Expand it to the rest of your engineering organization, and reduce lead time for changes, ensure bugs are addressed in the right order, and improve your overall services.

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