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In the realm of software development, one size does not fit all. Keypup introduces a flexible software engineering analytics platform that transcends traditional SDLC improvement, offering the ability to create tailored dashboards for a wide array of audiences and processes. Improve your decision-making with custom KPIs and metrics that align perfectly with your organizational goals.
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Customize Your Engineering Metrics for Every Audience

Board Reporting

Transform development data into strategic business insights that resonate with board members and C-level executives. Utilize Keypup’s rich insight documentation to weave compelling narratives around key metrics like Deployment Frequency and Change Failure Rate.

Demonstrate their impact on crucial business outcomes such as customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value. With Keypup, crafting development reports for board meetings becomes both straightforward and impactful.

Keypup allows to create Development reporting dashboards specific for board meetings and C-levels reporting

Software Audit & Compliance Made Simple

Navigating the complexities of software audits and certifications, such as SOC 2 or ISO 27001, requires a meticulous demonstration of compliant processes. Keypup simplifies this challenge by providing real-time access to audit reports and data, enabling you to identify and address compliance issues proactively, streamlining the audit process significantly.

Automate and shorten Audit compliance reporting activities with instant audit data related to software development

Unify Reporting Across Multiple Repositories

Managing both open-source projects on GitHub and private repositories on GitLab? Keypup bridges the gap with cross-Git analytics, facilitating efficient process maintenance across all your projects. Seamless integration and unified reporting remove the hassle, allowing you to focus on what matters most -innovation and development.

Improve Your Software Development with Custom Analytics

Keypup acknowledges the diversity of software engineering organizations and offers a platform that embraces this variability. By leveraging the metadata within your development stack, you can build a customized analytics ecosystem that reflects the unique aspects of your projects and processes.

  • All metrics, your format: With widgets for every engineering metric, Keypup puts the power of customization at your fingertips.
  • Book a meeting for personalized dashboards: Ready to build your own dashboards? Our team is here to help you tailor Keypup's platform to your specifications - even during your trial period, so you can evaluate the tool before making any commitment.
All Engineering Metrics in a widget format

Transform Your Engineering Reporting Today

Step beyond conventional metrics and embrace a tailored approach to software engineering analytics with Keypup. Whether it’s for board reporting, audit and compliance, or enhancing cross-repository efficiency, Keypup equips you with the tools to build dashboards that serve your specific needs and objectives.

Craft your engineering story with metrics that matter. Start building your custom dashboard with Keypup today.