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Flexible software engineering analytics helps you go beyond SDLC improvement. With Keypup, create dashboards for all your audiences and processes.
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Build your own Engineering KPIs with the Keypup platform

Software Engineering Reporting for Board Meetings

Turn development talk into meaningful business insights. Leverage Keypup’s insight documentation, text, and images to tell your engineering story. Explain how metrics like Deployment Frequency, Change Failure Rate, or your metrics are directly impacting your customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value. 

Keypup allows to create Development reporting dashboards specific for board meetings and C-levels reporting

Software Engineering Reporting for Audit

Software audit and certification like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and many more can take weeks when you need to demonstrate your compliant processes while navigating through all your development stack. With Keypup, get your audit report ready and accessible in real time. Spot any compliance issue before it becomes a wider problem.

Automate and shorten Audit compliance reporting activities with instant audit data related to software development

Unify Reporting Across Open Source and Private Repositories

You’re maintaining a popular open source repo using GitHub and a private one using GitLab? You are not alone. Cross-Git analytics is becoming increasingly popular but does require a lot of effort to maintain. With Keypup, seamlessly connect the dots between open source and private repos and maintain efficient processes across all projects. 

Build Your Own Engineering Analytics

There’s no one size fits all for software engineering organizations. With Keypup, leverage all the metadata locked into your development stack to build your own ecosystem.

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