10 pro tips we found on Reddit

Reddit is the home of developers. It’s one of the best places to post projects, get inspiration, or find answers from the community to fix issues and bugs. 

We spend quite a bit of time on Reddit. Not only to look out for new tutorials but because stuff posted there is sometimes hilarious. It’s a goldmine for developer memes and references to the geek community. (And we frankly need our daily jab of good laugh these days!).

Reddit is a great resource of knowledge. Subreddits are particularly clear with the content they accept so there isn’t much trash - only valuable or fun content.  

If you want to sharpen your skills and learn more about a programming language, software or just discuss the latest tech news, Reddit has a subreddit with what you’re looking for. 

So here’s a summary of what we saw on Reddit lately. There is a little bit of everything ( JavaScript, Rails, architecture, deployment...) for everyone!

A special shout out to the authors of the posts listed below - thanks guys, they’re really great! Here are 10 development tips we found on 5 different subreddits.


View the post by  u/alachaum

View the post by u/no_guile


View the post by u/realkorvo

View the post by u/db443


View the post by u/alionBalyan

View the post by u/hackjoy



View the post by u/nakranirakesh

View the post by u/alachaum


View the post by u/Neat_Caterpillar

View the post by u/Phatoss_i

Also, our CTO Arnaud Lachaume shares weekly new gems, tutorials, and open libraries. Follow him on Reddit if you want a weekly dose of pro tips!

Let us know if you like this blog format, if yes, part 2 is coming soon!

In the meantime, we are also on Reddit, you can follow us for more development tips.

About us: 

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