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Image representing GraphQL

GraphQL The Rails Way: Part 3 - Subscriptions with websockets via Pusher

6 common mistakes developers make and how to get rid of them

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Why all developers should start blogging

The image is people with the title of the blog on the top

What a developer day looks like, summed up in 12 Gifs

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New developer? Here are 10 apps you should use every day

7 websites not to miss to stay on top of the latest software trends

Developers’ mental health and productivity: let’s talk about it.

Illustration of GraphQL

GraphQL The Rails Way: Part 2 - Writing standard and custom mutations

The 3 reasons why software developers use social media

Picture of Arnaud Lachaume, CTO of Keypup

Tips and tricks of a tech startup CTO

5 Myths about Software Developers

8 Youtube channels every software developer should know about

GraphQL illustration

GraphQL The Rails Way: Part 1 - Exposing your resources for querying

5 Hobbies for developers to develop their programming skills

Batch jobs with Google Cloud Tasks and Rails

Cloud Run and Cloud SQL - Avoid hitting Cloud SQL Admin connection quota

Cloud tasks for Ruby and Rails

Cloudtasker - Monitor your Cloud Tasks jobs on GCP

Complex preloading strategies in Rails using custom Active Record scopes

Connecting to Memorystore from Cloud Run

Deploy SPAs and programmatically manage traffic with Cloudflare Workers

Deploying production Rails applications to Google Cloud Platform

Image illustrating a dialog bubble

Dialogflow on Rails - Agent import/export & regression testing

Russian dolls illustration

Embedded associations in Rails using JSON fields

Kubernetes illustration

GCP Pub/Sub with Ruby on Rails

Image of Ruby

Google Cloud Tasks with Rails Active Job

Image representing a database

Leveraging and expiring your cache for model, association and query caching in Rails

Linked datapoints illustration

React i18n - Extend react-intl with your own context and markup

Illustrating REACT Content

React - Load API content as elements become visible to users

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Safe expression evaluation in Ruby for user submitted formulas

This is a red image showing connecting data points

Use Redis Sets to track and expire cache keys in Rails

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10 pro tips we found on Reddit

10 questions asked to Titouan, the Keypup intern