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Beyond Git analytics, discover the future of Development Intelligence

Keypup's mission is to empower all software development stakeholders to grow and scale their engineering organization to achieve greater business outcomes.

Picture of Keypup Co-Founders Stephane Ibos and Arnaud LachaumePicture of Keypup's team in the office

We are on a journey to create the first Development Intelligence solution that will serve all contributors from developers to executives and beyond.

It is our passion. We are bringing it to the World.

Stephane and Arnaud, our founders, have worked in software development for over a decade. Developers by trade, they have worked with countless software engineers and technical leads in different setups and have managed significant development projects. With software becoming more critical every day, engineering organizations, product managers, and executives are experiencing growing challenges.

Today's projects are more complex than ever. As a result of new microservice architectures, more people are collaborating, using additional development tools, at a faster pace than ever before. Those overheads can lead to burnout and turnover in engineering teams among others. Collaboration involves follow-ups and relying on peers to progress  a larger stakeholder base means more reporting.

A faster pace means additional process and methods, which are not always suited to developers, let alone designed to help them.

We support engineering organizations by unlocking insights aligned with their processes and goals

“We started in 2019 with a mission to help developers with tasks automation and actions recommendations. We then realized that we had the opportunity to not only support the developers, but the whole engineering organization and its stakeholders.

Our community of users helped us shape our product as it is today, and we are thrilled to help numerous organizations grow and scale efficiently and rapidly.

The key to us is to offer every stakeholder fit-for-purpose views of the development process with the right information highlighted at the right time. And this is only the beginning!”

Picture of Stephane Ibos

Stephane Ibos

CEO & co-founder

“We know how hectic development can be and we understand the challenges associated with growing and scaling engineering organizations. It is easy to lose sight of what really matters, what can and should be improved and how to deliver greater business outcomes.

Keypup supports engineering organizations at every level. Providing greater visibility, flexible reporting capabilities aligned with development best practices is key for technical teams aiming at being an elite-performer. That’s our mission.”

Picture of Arnaud Lachaume

Arnaud Lachaume

CTO, Keypup

Our mission is to help software engineering organizations expand faster with the information they need.

We believe there are key values to make development teams successful.

Result focused

At Keypup, we are committed to help our customers achieve more, better and faster. Our solution is designed to improve results, not to micromanage.


Allowing users to prioritize tasks & improve processes based on their development data allows them to focus on what matters most in order to achieve their goals.

Team work

To achieve greater results, team members must work effectively together towards common goals. At Keypup, we believe that if something is not measured, it can't be improved.


By making information more accessible to all stakeholders, we can help value and praise all contributions and make collaboration across your organization easier.

Picture of Keypup's team brainstorming in the office
Picture of Arnaud Lachaume with a co-worker

We support team developers!

It's one thing to have a deep understanding of pain and to talk about it, but another to really do something about it.

Keypup is made by developers, therefore we understand the challenges of development teams, including all the disrupting side-tasks required of them. 

We are here to help engineering organizations stop wasting time with reporting, following-up, looking for hours into complicated repositories to find the insights they need. We help save time and provide clarity like never before.

Stephane Ibos

Stephane Ibos

CEO & co-founder
Arnaud Lachaume

Arnaud Lachaume

CTO & co-founder
Celine Nabais Kahouadji

Celine Kahouadji

Vice-President Marketing
Tom Azernour

Tom Azernour

Product Manager
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Khaled Maher

Full stack Developer
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Jérémie Bailleul

Front end Developer
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Ankitha Srinivas

Community Growth Hacker
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Yann Perchec

Advisor, CTO Epsor
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Patrick Malka

General Partner , Newfund Capital