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Access real-time Bitbucket analytics and unlock Bitbucket metrics and KPIs leading to improved software delivery and quality.

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From startups to large enterprises, Keypup serves all the unique complexities related to project size, structure and teams, including:

Unify Your Bitbucket Repos and PM Tools Data

Stop navigating from one tool to another to uncover information. Access granular information for each ticket such as DORA metrics, software delivery and quality metrics, sprint progress metrics, and more. Stop navigating from one tool to another or waste time manipulating high-maintenance spreadsheets.

Use and Adapt Bitbucket Metrics Templates

Explore our software development dashboards to select your Bitbucket metrics and dashboards. You can use our assisted configuration or leverage your SQL and regex skills to customize to your unique needs and processes.

Create Your Own Bitbucket Metrics

It's impossible to apply a single, universal approach when it comes to engineering organizations. With Keypup, you can quickly get data from Bitbucket so that you can create reports from your pull requests, ticketing system, commits, and any associated comments.

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Collaborate on Your Bitbucket Metrics Dashboards

You can bring as many people as you need to the system at no extra cost. Ask your software engineers people to join the platform to share and collaborate on the dashboards and information.

Gauge, Enhance, and Increase Your Engineering Productivity

If you want to spot and solve roadblocks, manage your technical debt, or initiate and expand efficient processes, you must first monitor the appropriate metrics. With Keypup, you don't have to adjust your organization to the solution — all the templates are configurable so they can comply with your goals.

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