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Improve Software Delivery Performance with Real-Time Engineering Metrics

Leverage insights locked in your Git repository and/or project management platform and start improving your software delivery performance today.

Improve Software Delivery Today!

Identify and Solve Bottlenecks

Use and adapt our pre-built templates to spot inefficiencies in your development workflow. Monitor your average PR size, the length of time spent on each step of your workflow, and identify inefficiencies. Use our recommended actions insight template to spot roadblocks and reallocate resources efficiently, invest in automation tools, or modify your processes.

Back Engineering Investment with Data

Whether you need to recruit more senior developers, invest in automation tools, or try a new process, you’ll be more successful communicating your goals with data and improvement forecasts. With Keypup, you can monitor how your performance is trending over time as you recruit and implement new tools.

Test and Roll Out Efficiencies

Test your changes in a sprint and see how it has impacted your development workflow. Roll it out to the entire engineering team, reduce your cycle time, and increase your deployment frequency.

Start Monitoring Delivery Metrics Now!