Meet Cica, our marketing manager

Today we are introducing another Keypup team member! After introducing the founders and the first software developer of Keypup, let’s meet our marketing manager. Cica has been working for Keypup for half a year. She was hired during the Covid lockdown in April and she will share a bit of her singular personality through some questions. Spoiler alert: she’ll bust some marketing myths we all have...

Hi Cica! introduce yourself.

Hello! My name is Cica-Laure Mbappé. Good points: I am passionate about music and plants, I am a hard worker. I’m always smiling. 

Not so good : I have difficulties staying focused because my mind is always full. I overthink a lot and I enjoy being alone. (Yes, I am a Capricorn! )

How did you encounter Keypup?

I met Stephane last year and I joined the Keypup team in April, during the pandemic. Taking up this new position was particular because I started working from home, and I had no physical meetings until the reopening of the office in June. It was a challenge to get acquainted with the company’s culture and team members working remotely, but my team did their best to make me feel comfortable. (and it worked!)

Why marketing?

I graduated from a bachelor’s in international management, then a master’s in digital marketing. I chose marketing because I love to follow trends. I describe myself as a creative one (but I suck at Photoshop though). Marketing is a large field, it’s not just about selling some product, there are many different branches, so I knew that a marketing career could fit most of my professional expectations.

Moreover, marketing is a way of ethically supporting people. I stand for a more ethical and responsible system and I promote green marketing. (yeah, another ecologic activist). Plastic ban and zero waste are my best friends! In short, if I can somehow reach people for doing something good, it’s not even a job anymore, it’s a pleasure!

What did you learn with the pandemic?

As a marketing girl, what I realized in this particular time is that flexibility is key. You have to come up with new ideas every day in order to survive in the market. Digital advertising, face masks selling, even the words you use in your strategy should fit within this new environment.

Being in a startup is a never-ending rollercoaster. It is super fun! Targeting, positioning isn’t static. We have an idea, we test it, we have another idea, we pile up A/B testing to make sure our message and design are the best ones to target the right people. Consequently, the pandemic benefited those businesses that could diversify and had a pivotal strategy.

What are you most proud of?

I started sewing last year. Since then I sewed a lot of masks for friends and family, pads, sponges…and I fixed pairs of jeans that I would probably have thrown out. So, I took a step further in my green journey as I started using reusable products.

Are you a Social media addict?

No, not really. I actually don’t like to post on my personal accounts. I rather enjoy real life interactions with people. I am very shy and If I could disappear on SM I would, but it’s the only virtual link I have to connect with people living far away. On the other hand, social media is an endless source of inspiration, I love scrolling through.

What’s your biggest fear?

I am scared of getting old. I have 4 little sisters and trust me; they make me feel older by the day. (they even taught me how to use Tik Tok).

Are you a geek?

Absolutely not! I don’t play video games, I am not a huge fan of Star Trek or Star Wars, I’m honestly allergic to sci fi. But I love the energy and the passion of the geek community. They are early adopters, trend setters - highly creative people who fight for their ideas. One could say I am a ‘Geek fan’! 

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