Meet the Keypup founders

Wanted to know more about the brains behind Keypup's birth?

It's the story of two buddies who have been working together for over a decade. Stephane Ibos (CEO) and Arnaud Lachaume (CTO) gladly accepted to open up and to share their visions about the future of the tech industry. Their inner devotion to the developers' work-life and the desire to better manage software production led them to create Keypup.

And now we are all sailing on the Keypup boat, faster than ever thanks to you, the developers community supporting us! 

Arnaud Lachaume (CTO) & Stephane Ibos (CEO)

Tell us about your professional journey. What led you to create Keypup?

Arnaud: I have been working in the software industry as a developer and hands-on CTO for the last ten years. During these years I have been mainly focusing on data management platforms and business intelligence systems.

I have had the opportunity to see the industry change drastically over the last decade, with many frameworks, tools and systems simplifying the life of developers and devops. The diversity of tools available makes our development process easier and faster but I always had the feel that something was missing to help me orchestrate and better organise all these things. And this missing tool is...Keypup of course!

Beyond working on the product, I'm also a heavy user of the platform. My team and I continuously build new features to alleviate the pain of managing software. And we're also the first ones to complain if a feature is missing on Keypup!

Stephane: We have been working with developers for more than 10 years, and have been managing software development for an equally long time. It was always quite disheartening to be faced with a total absence of tools aiming at supporting the developers in their work, not so much from a production point of view - plenty of these tools around - but from an organisational standpoint.

Developers are great people to work with - they work hard, they play harder, they are always enthusiastic about their work - but they are the 'poor parents' of the assisting tools. It seems nobody cares about making their work life simpler and providing them with support to organise their busy, multi-tasking days.

Well, we do. And that is exactly why we created Keypup!

What do you think are the biggest challenges the tech industry will face in the next 5 years?

Stephane: There are many of these on the horizon! But one of the key challenges is probably the continuous pressure applied on development teams to always deliver more in shorter time frames. This not only creates issues in terms of the quality of the code produced, but it also generates quite a lot of stress on the developers.

Development projects are becoming more and more complex and involve multiple tools and stakeholders, who are increasingly disseminated around the globe. It will become harder to be efficient and work together without some critical misalignments crippling in. It definitely calls for a little bit of organisational help!

Arnaud: Recruiting and organising work with remote teams, amongst others. Over the last few years we have seen an increasing trend in all kinds of companies - including startups - of creating distributed teams, working from home or working while travelling. The difficulty of recruiting the right people, the pressing need to be more international, the requirement to deliver robust services 24/7 across time zones, the realisation that only working in the office might not be the most efficient way to work.....and of course the recent pandemic events push companies to adopt a remote organisation model more and more.

Managing and collaborating with people remotely is hard. How do you align teams across time zones? How do you cheer people up without being present? How do you ensure people have everything they need to work comfortably? These are hard questions in practice, despite all the tools available these days.

How do you prepare for those major industry changes?

Arnaud: Try to go progressively. Your whole team is currently working in one location? Try hiring people in other locations then. You will quickly realise the tools you are missing and force your internal processes to become more dynamic: maybe it's time to stop that traditional standup meeting and switch to a more collaborative tool to replace it?

Stephane: Paradoxically by going back to good old basics, in particular when it comes to interpersonal relationships. It is - and will be - more important than ever to communicate rapidly, efficiently and precisely about work items, issues and activities.

Truth is - this cannot really be done by emails or chat anymore. The level of 'information pollution' has never been that high and will only keep increasing.

It is necessary to implement new tools that help with automating tasks management, assignment and reviews. This way, a heavy burden is lifted from every individual who can focus on their part of the job, whilst resting assured that that 'housekeeping' is being handled and that communication with others is effective and specific.

What is the most innovative product you’re offering at Keypup?

Stephane: Well, Keypup as a whole is pretty innovative! The platform offers organised and prioritised information straight from the developer's development environment - this is a massive time saver, and also an asset for quality improvement, as every developer can focus on what matters, when it matters.

Plenty of petty tasks are automated - such as following up on pull requests, merging pull requests, etc. This is not only convenient, it is lifting pressure from a developer when it comes to tracking progress of others involved.

Last but not least, the whole merging process is presented in a streamlined, clear and clean fashion. Comments, issues, PRs are all conveniently gathered and linked together for greater efficiency and clarity.

Arnaud: The priority inbox. Being able to replace all notifications by a single todo list is a real time saver. Having clear recommended actions on items as well as grouped discussions across pull requests and issues makes much easier to keep up with development activities!

What achievement are you most proud of?

Arnaud: Being part of the tech startup trend. It is always hard to develop, execute and push new ideas to the world but we are fortunate enough to have strong people around us supporting our endeavours and I am proud that we have such a community with us.

Stephane: Personally it is managing to give his medicine to my rabbit every day through a little mouth syringe without making our kitchen look like a war zone. He's an adorable little creature - but quite temperamental - and I am very proud to say I just mastered this delicate operation. Yeay me!

Professionally I couldn't be prouder of what we are achieving at Keypup as a team. We not only bring comfort to developers, we also bring them clarity and automated efficiency - and given we are developers ourselves and we work with so many of us, we couldn't be happier about what we are doing!

Stephane's rabbit in full swing

Give us one word that describes you best

Arnaud: Resilient.

Stephane: Passionate.

Tell us something fun about you we don’t know

Stephane: I used to play theater when I was a kid. I was so good at it that my best performance ever (at least I was told)  - quite widely acclaimed must I add - was that one year where my part was one of a ... tree. A simple tree. No talking, limited moving. This is when I realised I had to give up such a promising career!

Arnaud: I tried to adopt a fox - with the goal to play with the adorable rabbit of my cofounder (or even eat it why not) - but my application got denied by the authorities. Bummer!

Now that you know more about our leaders' vision, we hope that you will enjoy the Keypup Platform as much as we do. You are a developer ? Have a try and sign up here, it's totally free (and there is no catch)!

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