What is it like to use Keypup everyday? aka having cleaned the mess around PRs, issues and merges

You probably wonder what it feels like to clean the mess around pull requests, issues and merges.... Well, a in few words that's what it's like to use Keypup everyday as a developer. Believe us, we know how hard it is to get organized and to have a clear view across all repositories... And when we say we know, we mean, we feel your pain. We are devs too!

The problem is that developers lack visibility and can miss comments and reviews - as well as critical actions, or in the extreme, full PRs that become stale. Keypup assistant buys you time and helps you clean up the mess around issues, pull requests and merges. Yes it does. Want to see how?

Well, here is a live use case to show how simple yet useful Keypup can be. Meet Jenny and Bob, working as teammates on the same development project.

Meet Jane and Bob
life case - step 2
life case - step 3
life case - step 4
life case - step 5
life case - step 6
life case - step 7
life case - step 8
life case - step 9
life case - step 10
life case - step 11

Now you saw how Jane and Bob work together. If you find this case very familiar then Keypup is made for you. This can be you ! Collaborate more efficiently and get things done faster.

Of course, there are many other ways to use Keypup. The platform is fully customizable, so really, you can make the tool what you want. And in return, it will just make your development activities that much smoother and cleaner.

And it's only the tip of the iceberg. We have multiple live features that support your development workload such as  auto-linking issues to pull requests customized priority rules in your Priority Inbox, and the possibility to remotely merge your pull requests via Keypup and our Slack bot (KeyBot) or to get answers on specific development metrics at your fingertips.

Need more advanced queries in your development systems? The Keypup Data Explorer is able to query any development items and to create reports.

Security concerns ? You need to know that we do not explore your data nor fetch your code. Most importantly, we do not share, distribute - let alone sell - your data to anyone. This is a very dark boundary that we are pledging not to cross. We can do better these days, and we are! Check out our security policy to get more details.

Did we tell you that it's free for developers? No free trial, no credit card needed, all you need to do it to sign up here connecting your GitHub or GitLab account.

So really, give it a shot. But we warned you, you may not want to go back to the way you did things before 😉

We hope to see you soon on our platform !

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