Episode #3: Launch Day on Product Hunt

Hello folks! We are back with the last episode of our Product Hunt journey series.

In the second episode, we talked about our marketing strategy and the interactive product tour we created. Now, let’s see what our D day looked like and the feedback we received. 

If you are just discovering this series, you can read the first episode about our Product Hunt journey.


D-Day came sooner than we wanted to! But hey, that’s a general rule, isn’t it?

We chose to launch on a Wednesday because according to the Product Hunt guide, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days - so why not. On the other hand, as everybody is aware of that same information, there is a risk that these days actually get really crowded: the more companies post on the same day, the less visibility you’ll get. 

But you can hardly know who will launch on the same day, so we took our chances. 

We originally planned to launch Keypup in the morning, Paris time. But Product Hunt being based in California, you don’t really get a choice and the launch happens at midnight Pacific Time on the day. Not an issue, more time to get seen! 

D-Day was pretty fun actually, we checked our upvotes all day, we monitored website visits and we posted on social media. Given this was our first experience ever on Product Hunt, it was a great day. Particularly when we saw the visits on our website rocketing, and the subscriptions piling up! 

We didn’t do a memorable up-vote score on the platform - although enough to stay featured on the homepage the entire day. But we certainly did rack up visitors and subscriptions to our service, which was fantastic! 

What we learned from this experience.

This launch was our first shot, we just wanted to see how much Keypup would be noticed. What we learned from this experience is that Product Hunt is a place of opportunity. 

The most essential part of the launching process is to build your community. You may convince some people on your D-Day, but the outcome will depend on how you treated your community before your launching day. 

Tech people are not big fans of marketing. They value real talk and experience sharing, without catching phrases. We, the Keypup team, did our best to promote our launch without being pushy. 

If you are interested in launching your product, be sure you foster solid relationships and make friends from the community. Those will be the first to promote what you offer, without asking them!

This experience allowed us to reach developers and get meaningful feedback. We ended up having a great increase in traffic to our website and an increased conversion rate. 

We managed to be heard and to gain visibility with a small budget. And we learned a lot in the process!

We plan to come back on Product Hunt to launch Keypup V2 in March with a raft of new features and personalized enterprise solutions.

Indeed, we created Keypup to let developers and development teams define the way they work based on data they have all over the place. Our data-driven platform allows tech leads and developers to know quickly what has to be done and streamline their development workflow. So we are convinced that our platform will be useful to many more tech leads and developers out there. 

We’ll come back even stronger with new features and improvements from what we learned during our first launch.

Thank you for reading our journey. I hope this story will help you get a better picture of Product Hunt! If you are interested in what we do, check out our launch page on Product Hunt!

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