Episode #1 | Keypup Product Hunt journey

Hi , my name is Cica-Laure, I’m in charge of marketing at Keypup. And I am here to share with you our journey getting our product live on Product Hunt - and the ride it was at times!

This first article is a part of a series where I will talk about how we launched on Product Hunt, what challenges we faced, and the outcomes of our product release. If you know of Product Hunt and you are interested in launching a new product or if you already have, this series might be of interest to you. Sharing is caring isn’ it?

So, about Product Hunt… where to start?

Product Hunt Logo

Product Hunt is obviously the place to be if you are in tech and if you care about innovation. It’s a place of communication, sharing and self-promotion where the community is interested in discovering new products, services and ideas.

It’s quite chill - nobody is going to tell you that your product sucks (even if it still requires improvements). Instead, you’ll get reviews and feedback on your idea - more often than not quite constructive - because there are lots of entrepreneurs and startups in the community who work hard and try to make a successful reality of their ideas. I admire those entrepreneurs. They are bold, true leaders and they make sure their ideas are heard.

Product Hunt is not only a platform where you post your product, it is also a place where you meet your peers and learn from what they have to say and what they are doing. People share their doubts, questions and feelings about innovation and all that comes with it. The PH team is making sure you are not only talking about yourself though, because it’s all about caring, sharing and pushing everyone’s ideas forward.

Product Hunt and Keypup : introduction of a 3-month preparation

So, as I said earlier, I was asked to manage our product release on Product Hunt. Our CEO Stephane said “You’re the boss” ! Well, I felt a little pressure, but nothing undoable. 

We designed a productivity tool for software engineers, developers and tech leads to take care of their pesky everyday-life tasks when it comes to development and automate the development workflows - think assistant for developers. If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out this article to get to know more about what we do - if you are a developer you won’t regret it!

At the very beginning, we weren’t sure about launching on Product Hunt because we didn’t know if we were mature enough to show what we had to the world. But since we just launched the beta version and were looking for more beta users, we thought that it wouldn’t harm to have a first shot. We would show Keypup to the world with our best intention to get feedback - good, bad and ugly - that’s after all the only way to perfect your product!

Keypup is a developer’s tool. It allows them to clean the mess around pull requests and issues with an aggregated view of development data and a set of recommendations to merge pull requests faster. We knew that Product Hunt was the right place to promote it, because the PH community is more familiar with our market (the developers) than any audience in social media posts could be. 

Our project to launch on Product Hunt was first mentioned in March. We have been planning the release for months. It was an important milestone for us because it was an opportunity to get genuine feedback from tech savvy people. 

First, we wanted to launch Keypup on Product Hunt in September, but due to the pandemic, we took more time and rescheduled the release to October.

We never used Product Hunt before - so there was a learning curve! Makers, Hunters, Ship page… We were lost with these new terms! I read as many blog articles as I could and found some best practices from Product Hunt that really helped. To make it easier, I created a checklist based on the best practices I read and carefully monitored our scheduled milestones.

The Product Hunt page wasn’t complicated to navigate at all. After doing some research, we rapidly created our Maker profiles. We had a doubt on the certification of our accounts. We weren’t sure we were directly labeled as Makers even though we hadn’t launched it yet. But after an email to the PH team, it all went smoothly. Now, the challenge was to get acquainted with the platform, meet other makers and immerse ourselves in the community.

It is an essential part of launching on Product Hunt. You can’t just create your profile and post your product. You have to earn your place and become a part of the Product Hunt community. Comment, share, review other projects (and upvote if you liked them!) and you’ll get a growing contact base. So we got into it !

We looked at projects, and met our peers. I personally enjoyed completing my profile with goals, it allows people to get to know each other. Discussions and new projects were coming up everyday, and it was a great material to use for our own product launch.

We’ll get into more details in the next episode on how we built our campaign. You’ll discover how we created a Ship page and our strategy to get hunted. We also created an interactive landing page - you can take a peek here - especially if you like Bunnies and Star Wars ! During our launch project, there were a lot of changes, and we had to adapt to unexpected events, which made it quite a ride. Stay tuned to get the full backstage view! 

Keypup Product Hunt page

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