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About Dayrize

Dayrize is revolutionizing the transparency of product life cycle sustainability assessments for all brands. The company’s mission is to align consumption within planetary boundaries by simplifying and democratizing the traditionally complex and expensive impact assessment process. Thanks to their advanced measurement technology, Dayrize makes it possible for businesses and consumers to understand and reduce their environmental and social footprint. Having already partnered with over 500 brands and evaluated thousands of products, Dayrize brings impact transparency to every consumer product worldwide.

About Edwin Poot

Edwin Poot is a distinguished technology, data, and product executive with over 20 years of cross-industry experience. Currently, he is the Chief Product and Technical Officer at Dayrize. Previously, Poot was the founder and CEO of Energyworx, and led the technical and product organizations at several companies including and Nubank. Known for his data intelligence and machine learning expertise, he frequently speaks at industry events and mentors startups. His contributions have been recognized by Gartner, Google, and Greentech Media. Poot is a computer science graduate from the University of Applied Science in Den Bosch, Netherlands.


Poot’s mission at Dayrize was to re-architect the product and bring growth and scale to the engineering organization as they were struggling with their development process. He had previously orchestrated successful DevOps implementations with DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) metrics at large organizations like and Nubank, enabling them to achieve productivity and operational excellence. However, he noticed that even though he had streamlined development processes via automation with JIRA and Bitbucket pipelines, Dayrize was still grappling with alignment of goals and tracking of progress, among other complexities.

Key challenges included:

  • Difficulties in effectively measuring and articulating the business value of key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs).
  • An inability to integrate different systems and tools efficiently to gather useful data to automate DORA metrics measurement — making the process both manual and time-consuming.

Prior to Keypup, Dayrize’s traditional approach to the development process measurement was manual, time-consuming, and had room for refinement. The metrics and data to measure performance and business outcomes required additional tools for custom dashboard creation and real-time monitoring.

Why Keypup

Keypup stood out as a compelling solution because of its simplicity in setup, speed in delivering initial data, and customizable features that catered to the team's unique needs. In addition, Poot was fairly impressed by the high level of customer support and initial free dashboard setup services which helped him quickly understand how the tool works. Poot believed that integrating Keypup would not only help streamline development processes but also improve the alignment of goals and tracking of progress within the organization.


Keypup has profoundly improved the company's approach to operational excellence. Dayrize has been able to:

  • Integrate different systems including Jira and Bitbucket quickly and efficiently, and facilitate DORA metrics monitoring in no time
  • Use Keypup on a weekly basis to support a collective data-driven approach and improve accountability
  • Effectively measure and communicate the business value of engineering KPIs and SLAs to stakeholders
The DORA Metrics Dashboard to Monitor and Improve DevOps Performance

Dayrize's journey illustrates the transformative power of Keypup in optimizing operational excellence, driving the momentum of high-performing teams, and advancing customer satisfaction and efficiency in product development. 


"I was genuinely impressed with Keypup, not only because of the ease and speed of integration with our existing tools but also because it provided immediate access to DORA and other key customizable engineering metrics. The standout, however, was the customer support team — they swiftly provided a personalized dashboard that enabled me to comprehend and compute real-time metrics with remarkable ease." — Edwin Poot, Chief Product and Technical Officer, Dayrize

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