From Monitoring to Mastery: How Kaia Health Gained Transparency with Keypup and Set Sights on Reducing Cycle Time

About Kaia Health

Kaia Health is the world’s largest digital therapeutics company on a mission to empower millions of people to live their healthiest lives. Kaia partners with leading health plans, employers, and providers, covering nearly 80 million lives around the world. Their evidence-based treatments, covering a range of conditions, including musculoskeletal (MSK) and COPD, are powered by proprietary artificial intelligence (AI), motion analysis technology, and clinical expertise. Kaia’s programs are designed to work directly on your smartphone or tablet — delivering the most accessible, effective, and equitable experience available. Across 11 clinical trials, Kaia has demonstrated effectiveness and safety on par with traditional care with as much as 80% reduction in cost, as recognized by the Program Validation from the independent Validation Institute.

Industry: Software Development, Healthcare

Engineering Department Size: 40 (approximately 20 engineers, product managers, and engineering managers)

About Tassilo Posegga

Tassilo Posegga is currently a senior android developer at Kaia Health, where he harnesses AI technology to reshape the physiotherapy experience through innovative mobile app solutions. 

While he previously worked on integrating machine learning models into applications, his current focus at Kaia Health is on introducing the product to the European Union market and fulfilling his role as chapter lead. In this capacity, Posegga drives organization-wide initiatives, nurtures team culture, and works to enhance tooling, including the introduction of tools like Keypup. 

His approach to Android app development combines a fervor for state-of-the-art technologies like AI, augmented reality (AR), and IoT with a meticulous attention to UX/UI and business strategies. Posegga's proficiency in Kotlin and clean architecture sets him apart in the Android development community. Complementing his technical prowess, his academic journey through engineering and design in Austria has endowed him with a comprehensive understanding of mobile computing.


Kaia Health's engineering challenges included:

  • Pull request (PR) cycle times that were longer than desired, causing challenges to their development rhythm.
  • Instances of unclear development metrics, potentially leading to process delays.
  • A basic approach to solving these issues, utilizing a script to retrieve some data from GitHub but lacking comprehensive insights.

Why Keypup?

Multiple reasons led Kaia Heath to choose Keypup for their software development analytics requirements, including:

  • Pricing: One of the most attractive aspects of Keypup for Posegga is its competitive pricing. Other solutions in the market such as Swarmia or LinearB are perceived as costly, especially because it is complex to justify software development analytics costs before achieving value. Keypup’s pricing model allows the team to grow and scale their plan as they demonstrate return on investment.
  • Efficiency: Posegga mentioned an instance when a feature was implemented and made production-ready in less than 24 hours after the request was made. This level of agility from Keypup is unparalleled.
  • Customer support: Posegga rates his experience with Keypup's customer support team as a "7 out of 5," highlighting their quick response times, detailed answers, and proactive approach.


While they’re still early in their implementation of performance metrics, Kaia Health has already observed:

  • Transparency: Keypup provides unparalleled clarity in showcasing where the most significant bottlenecks lay in the development lifecycle.
  • Empowerment: The tool is not just for management. It allows every member of the team, from engineers to product managers, to check their metrics, compare averages, and identify areas of improvement.

The company looks forward to integrating more tools, such as Jira, to provide a more holistic view of their processes beyond just GitHub statistics. They are also looking to customize other dashboard templates such as DORA Metrics.

DORA Metrics Dashboard: The Ultimate Tool to Enhance DevOps Performance


“Keypup offers a transparent perspective on our team's functioning and forward movement, streamlining our monitoring of project and pull request cycle times. Their exceptional support also deserves mention; our engagement with Keypup has been positive throughout.” — Tassilo Posegga, Senior Android Developer at Kaia Health

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