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Shifting priorities, multitasking, attending endless meetings all together may keep you away from your software development priorities. With Keypup DevOps workflow assistant, stay on the top of your assigned items and spend more time focusing on developing features your users will love!

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Leverage and Adapt Key Personalized Developer Metrics

This engineering KPI provides the total number of open items (pull requests and issues) that have been assigned to you in a given timeframe. Its goal is to inform you on sudden changes in your overall workload.

This insight provides a schedule-like, time-based breakdown of your tasks. It can be used to forecast and spread your work over time. This insight may also be used to renegotiate deadlines with the product team when too many items are due on the same date. Alternatively, it may be used as a heads up that the days preceding the due date will be focused on last touches and wrapping up your work, allowing you to plan your time accordingly.

This insight complements project management boards (e.g., Jira) by showing you detailed information about issues and pull requests, correlated together, from data gathered from apps (e.g., Jira + GitHub). Your tasks are sorted by due dates and automatically refreshed as issues and pull requests get updated by your team, so you can follow updates across your assignments.

This insight can help you get the general idea on your behavior to ship code. It complements the “My due dates” insight — which shows you the work ahead — and helps you forecast your future workload. It can also surface substantial insights for the sprint retrospectives and help identify bottlenecks in your development process.

This metric is used as an entry point for development good practices, such as breaking down big pull requests into smaller ones to facilitate and accelerate code reviews and deployments.

How to Improve Your Development Workflow Using DevOps Workflow Assistant

This dashboard helps you monitor how you are performing against targets and discuss any areas of improvement with your management. It can also help you spot training needs or back career advancement opportunities with data.

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