Introducing Keypup 2.1: Flexible and Easy Data-Driven Engineering Analytics

July 12, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the release of Keypup 2.1! This version brings a range of powerful new features designed to facilitate your data-driven engineering journey. From simplified reporting and enhanced data visualization to smarter drilldown and collaborative capabilities, Keypup 2.1 empowers you to optimize your software development processes and make informed decisions in no time. Let's explore the exciting enhancements in this release.

Dashboard-wide filtering:

  • Combine multiple identical insight filters into a single dashboard filter
  • Simplify and streamline engineering reporting efforts
  • Gain a holistic view of your data at the dashboard level
  • Save time, reduce complexity, and minimize errors in reporting

Data Hygiene Dashboard:

  • Gain insights into keyword, label usage, team’s proficiency, and more
  • Spot trends and identify areas for improvement
  • Facilitate more accurate reporting
  • Optimize reporting practices and enhance data hygiene

Enhanced data visualization:

  • Introduce new chart types: line charts, stacked area charts, stacked column charts, and stacked bar charts
  • Present data in visually compelling and informative ways
  • Track project progress, analyze performance metrics, and monitor engineering KPIs
  • Make data-driven decisions confidently with enhanced clarity and insights

Smarter drilldown:

  • Enhanced data exploration with intelligent drilldown feature
  • Recommended relevant fields based on dataset and insight configurations
  • Simplified data navigation and saved time
  • Uncover valuable insights efficiently for informed decision-making

Introducing the Guest role:

  • Invite guests to your team and share specific dashboards
  • Guests have read-only access for data security
  • Enable seamless collaboration with external stakeholders
  • Promote transparency and effective communication

Expanded dataset for granular reporting:

  • Support additional fields for more detailed reporting
  • Leverage story points, workflow status (board swimlane), issue type, time spent, time estimate, and parent issue
  • Gain deeper insights into software development processes
  • Drive informed decision-making with enhanced data granularity

Keypup 2.1 is an exciting release that simplifies your data-driven engineering journey. With dashboard-wide filtering, a Data Hygiene Dashboard, enhanced data visualization, smarter drilldown, the Guest role, and expanded dataset capabilities, you can streamline reporting, optimize collaboration, and gain valuable insights. 

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