Software Engineer - Frontend - React

La Rochelle / Remote
Full time

Keypup helps engineering organizations gain clearer visibility and be better organized at all levels, from the developer to the CTO. We believe that development teams deserve a better recognition and acknowledgement, and that more often than not, stakeholders are prevented from having a clear understanding of the development effort by and large. This job is an opportunity to help empower all development organizations out there. It is all about building the tool you will be using in the future.

Why do we want you?

Keypup just secured seed funding led by Newfund Capital, a prominent French-American Venture Capitalist.

We are looking for passionate engineers to work on expanding our data processing flows, reporting algorithms and API capabilities.

If working on core processing logic and microservice architectures gets you excited, this is the right opportunity.

What will you do ?

Build great experiences: Keypup is built for it's built for you. As a developer you will closely work with marketing and product to build visually stunning experiences.

Take ownership of your ideas: Drive your projects from A to Z. We're not here to micromanage you. Whether it's product work, improvements or refactoring, you will be given a lot of autonomy.

Bring your own ideas: It's not just about development. Keypup is made for you, so you'll be encouraged to provide feedback as well!

Improve our engineering standards: We hate manual processes. Do you have ideas on how to automate things and improve our dev process? We love you already.

Help the community: Sharing is caring...and we care a lot about the dev community. On top of development activities we also ask engineers to help the dev community on Reddit, Indie Hackers etc...and publish tech articles every month.

The stack we use

Keypup is a serverless and microservice architecture, which relies on the following technologies:

  • React
  • Ruby on Rails (API mode with GraphQL)
  • Postgres
  • Google Cloud Platform (Cloud Run, Cloud Tasks, Pub/Sub, Bigquery)
  • Cloudflare (DDoS / Workers)

Our philosophy is also to delegate non-core functionalities to specialized SaaS companies. Therefore by extension our stack also includes Mailgun (emailing), Stripe (payment), New Relic (monitoring), Intercom (customer management), Hotjar (UX analysis) and Webflow (marketing website) and more to come.

Why join us?

Here are a few things which you may love:

  • It's a product for developers made by developers. We - engineers - are the first customers of Keypup.
  • We are at an early stage, most of the work lies ahead of us and you have the opportunity to shape the future of Keypup with us
  • You will be autonomous in your work. If you work with us it means we trust you, and therefore we do not need to look over your shoulder.
  • We are passionate about what we do. Not only do we work on Keypup but we also strive to help the development community as a whole
  • Remote work, office work or your preferred mix. We’re flexible.

The skills you need

As an engineer you must:

  • Have 4+ years of experience in React (or case you wish to switch back to the light side :p)
  • Have experience with databases, relational or NoSQL
  • Have experience designing and implementing APIs (REST, GraphQL, ...)
  • Have experience with microservice and event-messaging architectures

As an individual you must be:

  • Proficient in english. We work, develop and joke in english!
  • Nice, open-minded and inclusive
  • Willing to learn: we embrace mistakes as a good way to learn (keyword here is learn :p)
  • Product oriented: you are the first customer. You do this product for yourself. If you think something in the UI is ugly then it certainly is for everyone. Good news! You can do something about it.
  • Autonomous: the knowledge we retain is the one we search for.
  • A thinker: there is no point in rushing into code. It takes some thinking to design the best implementations.
  • Test-driven: good tests are essential to keep the codebase maintainable
  • Enjoying open source: we use, contribute and create open source projects. We hope that's a passion you share as well.

The hiring process

The recruitment process is composed of four steps. We can go as quickly as five days or slow the pace based on your schedule ;)

  • Day 1 | Meet and greet with the CTO (30-45 mins)
  • Day 2 | Tech interview: Algorithmics (60 mins)
  • Day 3/4 | Tech assessment: Mini dev project (no timing)
  • Day 5 | Meet the CEO (30 mins)
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