Keypup's latest Innovations batch: Unveiling Features for October 2023

October 23, 2023
Cycle Time KPI

Visualization Enhancements

📈 Cycle-Time Chart

Visualize your entire development lifecycle from ideation to production.

Easily identify potential bottlenecks and areas for optimization.

🚀 KPI with Cycle-Time

Monitor key performance indicators tied directly to your cycle-time.

Make informed decisions backed by concrete data metrics.

⚙️ Gauge Chart

Gauge your development velocity and productivity in an intuitive, visual format.

📏 Log Scale Customization

Enhanced customization options for charts with the addition of log scales.

Available for lines & area charts, column & bar charts, and the gauge chart.

Google SSO

Introducing a frictionless way to get started with Keypup:

🔗 Sign-Up with Google

Quick and easy onboarding via your Google account.

Existing users can now link their Google account for an even smoother experience.

🎬 Seamless Dashboard Onboarding

Each dashboard now comes with a handy video guide defining each insight and its goal.

Locate this guide in the right panel of the Configuration Assistant for a seamless user experience.

Query Engine Upgrades

Our backend has received significant updates to provide users with more capabilities:

✨ Enhanced Filter Operators & New Operators & Aggregators

  • "Contains any of" filter operator has been improved for both user and userlist fields, enhancing dashboard filtering experience.
  • FLATTEN: Useful for breaking down array fields.
  • LOG & LN: Enhanced mathematical functions for refined data analytics.
  • EXP: Execute complex calculations with Euler’s number.
  • LENGTH: Extended to support string parameters.
  • RIGHT/LEFT: Extract specific portions from a string effortlessly.
  • PERCENTILE & PERCENTILE_CONT: Derive both discrete and continuous values for any given percentile in a numeric field.

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