New Agile Feature - Team retrospective

July 20, 2021
Agile Feature Keypup 1.0

With Keypup Retrospectives, developers are finally able to provide feedback remotely, at their own pace, without interrupting their work.

  • Retrospectives are easy to prepare, easy to run. You can schedule retrospectives at regular intervals, that you set to match your development cycles. Set the start date, the frequency of occurrence and the feedback window.
  • When it's retro time, each developer will automatically receive an email or chat notification asking them to fill their retrospective and our platform will follow up automatically until completion.
  • When a retrospective closes, an email is sent to the whole team with the results. You can access to the full report in Keypup. The report is shareable within the team and saved for easy exploitation. Each aspect of the project is analyzed factually to improve future deliveries.

We built this new feature for all the remote teams that struggle to prepare retrospectives and collect usable data. This feature will save teams hours of meetings and allow retro to actually be actionable, as every team member has a say and provides contextual feedback.

The retrospective feature is currently in beta. Want to provide feedback or ask for improvements? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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