Slack integration - Keybot gets smarter

March 5, 2021
Keypup 1.0 Slack Integration

Our Slack integration sets Keybot up - your soon-to-be best friend, and more pragmatically Keypup's communication bot -  into your workspace to communicate with you when important events occur.

It is also possible to ask questions to Keybot to quickly get an overview of the status of pull requests, issues and development tasks. For example asking "Which PRs are ready to be merged" will prompt Keybot to return the list of pull requests which are mergeable, have a green build, and have been approved.

Morning digest

Keypup users on Slack receive a morning digest every day at 9:05 am with the top priorities of their Priority inbox. And because we know Mondays need an extra push, Keybot will start the week with a comprehensive digest of your activities from last week and your outstanding priorities for this week. Handy, right?

Merge recommendations

When pull requests are mergeable, have a green build, and have been approved, Keybot will send a notification to project maintainers and propose to merge them. One click, and merged they are!

Asking questions to Keybot

You can ask questions to Keybot to get an update on pull requests and issues.

Here are a few examples of questions you may ask:

  • How many PRs can be merged?
  • Which PRs can be merged?
  • How many issues are open?
  • How many PRs have been merged last week?
  • Which PRs are ready to be reviewed?
  • ...and more!

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