Remote actions

March 5, 2021
Remote Action Feature - Keypup 1.0

Remote actions give you the ability to action items directly from Keypup. So that in one click you can trigger actions in all your connected tools at once.

Merge pull requests in GitHub or GitLab as well as comment on items in apps directly (GitHub, GitLab, JIRA or Clickup), all of that from the one place at once.

Quick reply on items

This quick reply feature is compatible with PRs which are auto-linked to issues. Commenting on the unified feed will comment on the PR itself, while commenting on an item-specific feed will create a comment in the remote system this issue belongs to (e.g. JIRA).

Merge pull requests straight from the Review & Merge Board

The Review & Merge Board, provides the capacity of merging your pull requests in one click. Items flagged as "Merge" in your review & merge board can now be merged directly from Keypup! No need to navigate to GitHub or GitLab to do so!

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