New Cycle Time Dashboard & Historical Events for GitLab and Trello

June 14, 2024
Cycle Time Flow for GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket

This week we are giving you the tools to better Cycle Time on your development flow. Not only are we releasing a new version of the Cycle Time dashboard but we also greatly improved the way we track events on issues and pull requests. The result is more accurate ways to measure the time spent in each stage of development to detect bottlenecks early or simply to measure yourself against elite performers such as Netflix or Amazon.

New Cycle Time Dashboard

We are delighted to unveil our reworked Cycle Time Dashboard! It is packed with new and enhanced insights to provide teams with the best calculation for each stage of your development process.

New Cycle Time dashboard

Discover the 4 stages of your development process (with the new Idle Time insight) to locate and resolve your bottlenecks and improve delivery.

Historical Events support for GitLab and Trello

The assigned_at, last_assigned_at, review_requested_at, and review_last_requested_at events fields are now based on the changelog of issues and PRs and populated retrospectively (they used to be observed and only valid from the moment projects were connected to Keypup).

These fields are now available for full historical reporting on GitLab and Trello. (GitHub, Jira, and Bitbucket were already supporting historical events since the Keypup 2.2 release).

That enables use cases such as:

  • Calculating the time between an issue was assigned to someone and the beginning of development (by transitioning to a specific status, or when the resolving PR was opened)
  • Calculating the time between a PR review was requested and it was submitted.

Time in Column available for Trello

With the support of historical events for Trello, we've added the capability to measure the time spent in columns on Trello! This update follows the 2.2 update which included Time in Column for Jira.

The Time in Column feature allows you to:

  • Measure time spent in each workflow status: Tailor your analytics to reflect your team's unique workflow, whether it's tracking time spent in review, development, QA, or any custom stage.
  • Gain efficiency insight: Understand where time is being invested, identify bottlenecks, and streamline your processes for maximum efficiency.
  • Enhance project management: With detailed insights into every stage of the development cycle, manage your projects more effectively and make informed decisions that drive success.

Improved support of merge request reviews for GitLab

Our best API gymnasts have worked on our GitLab integration to improve the detection of creation timestamps for peer reviews and add support for "changes requested" reviews.

This means our GitLab integration is now on par with GitHub and Bitbucket and allows you to track cycle time more accurately and perform historical reporting on reviews.

Contact us via chat if you would like to learn about more use cases, or if you would like to request help from a product expert.

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