Keybot, the developer's assistant is released

March 5, 2021
Keybot from Keypup 1.0

"Hello, my name is Keybot. I am pleased to meet you. You are a developer and I am your new best friend - I will help you daily by simply communicating with you by email or on Slack to help you navigate your priorities."

Keybot is your new development assistant. Get any insights on all your development and issue trackers tools.

What does Keybot do?

You can find Keybot in your email inbox or on Slack. He helps sort out all your Pull Requests, merge reviews and more.

  • ⏰ Daily digests with your top priorities
  • ✅ Green PR Merge recommendations
  • 🔍 Provides answers on your development queries - for instance the state of pull requests

Because Monday needs an extra push, Keybot sends a complete summary of your development project progress, a short digest of your most urgent priorities, and the reason why I know it's urgent - either because of the due date of an item, or because of its criticality.

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