Introducing Jira Data Center Integration to Keypup

February 26, 2024
Jira Data Center Integration - Keypup

We're excited to announce a significant update that broadens the scope of Keypup's connectivity and integration capabilities. In our continued effort to provide comprehensive analytics and collaboration tools for software development teams, we've now added support for Jira Data Center. This new feature is currently in Beta and extends our existing integrations with GitHub, GitLab (Cloud and Hosted), Bitbucket, Trello, ClickUp, and Jira Cloud.

Expand Your Connectivity

  • Wider integration options: Alongside our robust list of integrations, users can now connect Jira Data Center to Keypup, offering enhanced flexibility for teams operating in a Jira Data Center environment.

Beta Release Highlights

  • Comprehensive integration: Seamlessly integrate your Jira Data Center with Keypup to unlock advanced analytics and reporting capabilities across multiple Jira sites.
  • Streamlined setup: An easy-to-follow OAuth configuration process enables a secure connection between your Jira Data Center and Keypup, empowering you with enriched data analysis and project oversight.

How to Connect

  • Whitelist IP addresses: (Optional) For Jira servers behind firewalls, whitelist Keypup's IP addresses for uninterrupted API communication.
  • Application link creation: Configure an incoming link in your Jira server's Applications panel to establish the OAuth flow between Keypup and Jira Data Center.
  • Seamless connection: Use the generated Client ID and Client secret to complete the connection on Keypup, ensuring your projects are ready for import with full analytics capabilities.

Enhanced Project Management

  • Unified analytics: Get a holistic view of your development activities, leveraging insights from your code collaboration tools integrated with Jira.

Security and Compliance

  • Secure OAuth flow: Ensure a protected connection between Keypup and your Jira Data Center with OAuth, maintaining the integrity and security of your data.
  • SSL certificate validation: Keypup supports publicly recognized SSL certificates for secure API calls, recommending against the use of self-signed certificates for optimal security and compliance.

We are thrilled to offer this new integration to our users, reinforcing our commitment to providing a versatile and powerful platform for software development analytics and project management. This update opens new avenues for teams to streamline their reporting processes, enhance project visibility, and foster a more data-driven engineering culture.

Explore this latest feature and elevate your Jira reporting capabilities with Keypup's advanced analytics today!

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