🚀 New Year, New Possibilities: Keypup's Latest Product Releases

January 12, 2024
Keypup January 2024 product releases

The Dataset Exploration Dashboard

  • Discover data transparency: Dive into our new Dataset Exploration Dashboard for a comprehensive overview of your software engineering data, directly sourced from connected Git repositories and project management projects.
  • Key features: Explore datasets like Issues, Pull Requests, Commits from Pull Requests, Reviews, and Comments for in-depth analysis.

The Developer Summary Dashboard

  • Boost engineering productivity: Monitor crucial software developer metrics and improve productivity with our Developer Summary Dashboard.

Metrics included: Commit Frequency, Deployment Frequency, Average PR Size, Coding Time, and more for a detailed engineering overview.

2023 Engineering Retrospective Dashboard

  • Empower development with insights: Gain a bird's-eye view of your team's performance over the year, making it an essential tool for CTOs and tech leaders.
  • Comprehensive analysis: Includes PR Pulse, Commit Chronicle, Issue Tracking, and more.

🛠️ Feature Enhancements

  • Enabled KPI charts: Now display 2-12 records, providing greater flexibility.
  • New operators: Including TO_FLOAT, TO_INT, TO_STR, and IF_MATCH for more robust data handling.
  • Custom fields: Use custom fields in queries, significantly enhancing reporting capabilities.

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