Unlock New Dimensions: Introducing Enhanced Visuals & Extended Datasets!

September 22, 2023

🌟 We’ve rolled out some exciting updates, designed to elevate your experience and provide deeper, more meaningful insights! Here’s a rundown of what’s new, complete with examples to get your creative gears turning!

🌈 Enhanced Visualization: Set Visual Thresholds on Your Charts

  • Details: Whether it’s an Area, Line, Column chart, or a KPI with a sparkline, visual thresholds are now at your command.
  • Example Use: If you're visualizing bug counts over time with a Line Chart, set a visual threshold to spotlight weeks where bug counts surpass the limit you've set, offering immediate insights into periods needing extra attention.

🔄 Extended Issues & PRs Dataset: First & Last Comment At

  • Details: Dive deeper into your review dynamics with our new first_comment_at and last_comment_at data points! Especially useful for GitLab users, these timestamps offer insights into the initiation and conclusion of reviews, compensating for GitLab’s lack of a “review” concept.
  • Example Use: Using GitLab? Detect when a review started on a merge request using first_comment_at. Use these new data points to detect the length of the review phase, in a broader way / discern the longevity and pace of dialogues on distinct threads, identifying bottlenecks or protracted deliberations impacting project timelines.

🕵️ Extended Reviews from PRs Dataset: Submitted At

  • Details: For those utilizing GitHub, the exact submission times of reviews are now available, providing another layer to your analytical overview.
  • Example Use: GitHub users can now refine review workflows by detecting the duration of reviews (submitted_at - created_at). This may be used to evaluate the average time spent in reviews as well as evaluate the depth of reviews by comparing the review time to the amount of code changed.

🤝 Bulk Invites: Invite Several Users at Once

  • Details: Assembling your squad is more straightforward than ever! Invite your entire team in one go and hit the ground running from day one.
  • Example Use: Initiating a new project with multiple department members? The bulk invite feature streamlines this process, cutting down administrative effort and ensuring immediate access for everyone.

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