GitLab hosted is now supported!

March 5, 2021
GitLab Hosted supported by keypup 1.0

Keypup now allows you to connect hosted GitLab instances, giving you the best of both worlds: the Gitlab hosted instance you are used to and like combined with the full power of the Keypup engine to help you be more efficient and gain visibility and agility.

In order to complete the connection process you'll need to create an OAuth application in GitLab. Nothing too complicated as you know

It's a great feature because you can enhance your workflow and gain precious time with these remote actions from the dashboard:

  • Link merge requests and issues: merge requests and issues can be linked to each other directly from the Priority inbox using the 🔗 icon. In order to link items we update the description of the parent merge request and add a "closes: https://issue-url.domain" auto-linking keyword at the bottom of it.
  • Merge pull requests: approved merge requests with a green build on the Keypup platform - if any - and a mergeable status can be merged directly from the Keypup Review & Merge board.
  • Quick reply on items: it is possible to comment on a merge request or an issue from the Priority inbox. For issues replies can be done either directly on the issue or via the issue activity feed when an issue is nested under a merge request.

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