Feature improvement - Pull request and issues linking

March 5, 2021
Pull Request linked to Issues in Keypup 1.0

Major improvements have been made on the auto-linking feature along with our December 2020 feature release, the Team Board.

Pull request and issues linking is quite an essential concept in Keypup because it allows for two things:

  • Pull requests and related issues are automatically grouped in your Priority Inbox or the Team Board. This considerably reduces the number of items to deal with on a daily basis and makes for a clean, easy and direct reading of everything a Pull Request addresses (including all nested issues). More convenient than having to conduct speleological searches in your repo, no?
  • Pull request due dates are automatically inferred based on the due dates of related issues. This means Keypup can properly prioritize pull requests to the right person when moved to review or merge status.

There are multiple ways to link issues to pull requests.

You can link issues and pull requests from the Priority Inbox (checkout our docs below)

Or you can link issues using closing keywords directly from GitHub and GitLab via:

  • Pull request title
  • Pull request description
  • Commit message

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