New Feature Release: Download Your Charts & Reports Data Now Available on Keypup

January 25, 2024
export CSV

We're thrilled to announce a highly anticipated feature that our users have been waiting for – the ability to download your charts & reports data directly from Keypup. This new functionality enhances your ability to interact, analyze and share your data outside of our platform, giving you more flexibility and control over your reporting and data visualization efforts.

📊 Feature Highlights:

  • CSV export: You can now export the data behind any chart or report  with charts into a CSV file, allowing for further analysis or reporting in your preferred tools.
  • Comprehensive data access: This feature supports the export of up to 1000 records, ensuring you have access to extensive data for in-depth analysis.
  • Seamless usage: The download functionality has been integrated directly into the dashboards. To download your data, simply click the "…" menu on any insight and select the export option.
  • Universal availability: This feature is enabled for all charts and reports  across the platform, offering a consistent and user-friendly experience for all your data export needs. This feature is also available for all plans, including the 14 days free trial.

🚀 How to Use This Feature:

  1. Navigate to your dashboard: Open the dashboard where your desired chart or KPI is located.
  2. Access the menu: Click on the "…" menu icon on the top right corner of the chart or KPI insight you wish to export.
  3. Select export option: Choose the 'Export data' option from the menu to initiate the download of your data.

💡 Make the Most of Your Data:

This new feature opens up numerous possibilities for data analysis and reporting. Whether you're looking to perform a custom analysis, integrate data into other reports, or simply keep a record offline, the ability to download your charts data ensures that your insights are always at your fingertips, ready for whenever you need them.

We understand the importance of being able to work with your data on your terms, and with this update, we're excited to offer you even more flexibility in how you access and analyze your insights.

Explore this new feature today and take your data analysis to the next level!

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