Introducing the Pulse of Your Dev Process: The Cycle Time Dashboard!

October 6, 2023
Cycle Time Dashboard

Get ready to sync with the heartbeat of your development workflow! With the all-new Cycle Time Dashboard, you're not just monitoring; you're understanding every beat that drives your software engineering team forward.

🚀 Released Insights:

🔍 Coding Time Metric

  • Gauge the pace of your development's core.
  • Track both active coding periods and waiting intervals pre-reviews.
  • Pinpoint early-stage bottlenecks for faster code delivery.

💬 Review Time Metric

  • Delve deep into the duration of your full review cycle.
  • Ensure robust collaboration and feedback processes for enhanced code quality.

🔧 Merge Time Metric

  • Observe how long it takes to merge finalized work into production.
  • Streamline transitions from task completion to code deployment.

🌍 Cycle Time Overview

  • A panoramic snapshot of your development pipeline's health.
  • Spot critical areas needing refinement and bolster your strategy.

📊 Cycle Time Breakdown

  • Get granular by dissecting specific pull requests.
  • Identify and rectify anomalies to maintain a consistently agile flow.

Bonus: Like all other Keypup metrics and dashboards, you can customize all templates to meet your organization definitions and processes.

The Cycle Time Dashboard is your roadmap to pinpoint and optimize  every step of your development journey. Dive in today and bring  your team's efficiency to new heights.

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