Connect multiple JIRA sites (multi-instance)

March 12, 2021
Multiple Jira instances management in Keypup 1.0

There are some cases where a company has multiple JIRA sites, either for different clients or different projects.

This new feature is for any agency, company or freelancer working on multiple client JIRA sites. We've made some enhancements for you to track projects across multiple JIRA instances. You can keep adding as many JIRA sites as you need then select which projects you wish to import on the projects page.

No matter the naming conventions and workflow specificities in your JIRA sites, you can harmonize your overall workflow statuses in Keypup.

Consolidate all JIRA instances on Keypup to have one nice organized view. You will now be able to remotely comment on issues belonging to the JIRA sites you connected.

Multiple JIRA instances + one Keypup account = One Global Workflow instead of multiple JIRA workflows completely separated from each others.

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