Slack integration - Make Keybot your development assistant

Keypup’s main mission is to help developers and tech leads with their daily tasks. We know how extra help is welcome when it comes to managing priorities and activities across development projects. So Keypup comes with a lot of features to reduce wasted time and smoothen development!

In this article, we’ll go into more details about the benefit of Slack integration and the specific data we collect. And Keybot!

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Our Slack integration sets Keybot up - your soon-to-be best friend, and more pragmatically Keypup's communication bot -  into your workspace to communicate with you when important events occur. A green Pull request ready to be merged? A reminder of your hottest tasks? Everything you need to know, Keybot has an answer! 

It is also possible to ask questions to Keybot to quickly get an overview of the status of pull requests, issues and development tasks. For example asking "Which PRs are ready to be merged" will prompt Keybot to return the list of pull requests which are mergeable, have a green build, and have been approved.

Keybot is a bot, the more you talk with him, the better he will understand you and what matters to you! Be assured that he is a quick learner!

What data do we collect?

Our Slack integration fetches the following entities: 

Users: we fetch the IDs and time zones of users having access to your Slack workspace. We do not fetch personal data such as names and email addresses.

What messages does Keybot send?

Keybot is just here to help so don't worry, he won't spam you with useless notifications. Here is what users can expect to receive from Keybot:

Welcome message

When you connect Slack to Keypup for the first time, users in your workspace will receive a welcome message prompting them to link their Slack account to their Keypup account.

This step is required for us to match Keypup users to Slack users. Slack users that do not have an account on Keypup can simply ignore this message, they will not receive any other message from Keybot.

Morning digest

Keypup users on Slack receive a morning digest every day at 9:05 am with the top priorities of their Priority inbox. And because we know Mondays need an extra push, Keybot will start the week with a comprehensive digest of your activities from last week and your outstanding priorities for this week. Handy, right?

Slack- Morning Digest

Merge recommendations

When pull requests are mergeable, have a green build, and have been approved, Keybot will send a notification to project maintainers and propose to merge them. One click, and merged they are! Yep, Keybot on Slack can really save you time and hassle! 

Notifications are grouped and sent at most every two hours. Also, you won't receive suggestions twice for the same pull request. You're busy so we take very seriously to keep our messaging as light as possible.

Slack - Merge recommendations

Asking questions to Keybot

You can ask questions to Keybot to get an update on pull requests and issues.

Here are a few examples of questions you may ask:

  • How many PRs can be merged?
  • Which PRs can be merged?
  • How many issues are open?
  • How many PRs have been merged last week?
  • Which PRs are ready to be reviewed?
  • ...and more!
Slack - Ask Keybot

Let us know if you want Keybot to do more for you! Get in touch, and we'll be happy to make Keybot learn some more! 

Not yet a Keypup user? Sign up here and connect your Slack account!

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