Keypup is integrated with ClickUp!

Remember when we said that more project management tools are coming? Well, our toolbox is now even bigger. After integrating with GitHub, GitLab and Jira, we are introducing the integration with ClickUp !

Yes, we are adding another project management tool to our platform, because we want to provide a broad range of tools to developers. Wouldn't it be so great to monitor all your repository tools and project management tools in one centralized place?

Let's have a closer look at what the integration with ClickUp gives you on Keypup.

Getting started and connecting ClickUp

Our ClickUp integration allows you to import project management data into Keypup and easily link issues to pull requests to get better visibility on what is getting resolved and when pull requests are due, among others.

#datacontrol We NEVER update data automatically in third-party applications. Updates in third-party applications are ONLY performed under your control via remote actions. See section below "What remote actions can you perform?".

What data do we collect?

Our ClickUp integration fetches the following entities:

  • Comments: used for display in the dashboard
  • Issues: used for display and auto-linking to pull requests. Due dates on issues are factored when evaluating the due date of related pull requests.
  • Labels: used for display in the dashboard. Labels on issues are also applied on related pull requests.
  • Priority flags: issue priorities are retrieved and displayed as labels priority:<priority_name> in Keypup.

What remote actions can you perform?

Our ClickUp integration allows you to perform the following remote actions from the dashboard:

  • Quick reply on issues: it is possible to comment on an issue from the Priority inbox, either directly on the issue or via the issue activity feed when an issue is nested under a pull request.

How often do we refresh data?

Updates from ClickUp are received in real-time via webhooks, and that's cool!

If for any reason we are unable to setup real-time updates on ClickUp - e.g. the user who connected ClickUp has limited admin permissions in ClickUp - then we revert to long polling data every 10 minutes.

Whenever possible we recommend connecting ClickUp as a ClickUp admin to get the best experience.

How to link ClickUp issues to pull requests?

It is pretty easy ! Simply use the URL or #id ('#' + 'id') of a ClickUp issue in your pull request title or description.


E.g. linking via pull request title

#3yd0a3 My PR title

E.g. linking via pull request description

This is my PR description.

# OR
closes: #3yd0a3

More tools will come in the coming months, in the meantime, feel free to tell us what tool you want to see integrated with Keypup and we'll make sure to make it happen !

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