Improved Insight Builder UI & New Dashboard-wide Filters Presets

June 20, 2024
Improved Insight Builder UI and New Dashboard-wide Filter Presets

This week we are bringing you some quality-of-life improvements, specifically focusing on insight building and dashboard-wide filtering.

Improved Insight Builder UI

You will notice that the UI received some tweaks here and there:

  • The Select Visualization section on the sidebar has been removed to streamline the edit flow. Switching visualization is now done via the top left dropdown.
  • This Switch Visualization Dropdown has received a lifting and now allows you to switch between regular charts and KPIs. This last one was long overdue but were busy on big bang features (see our previous announcement on Historical Events and Time in Column)
  • In the Select Dataset section, fields are now grouped by topic and can be clicked to access their respective documentation (this will open the doc in-app, you can open it in a new tab via ctrl/cmd + click). Many of you have requested more direct access to field documentation to easily explore our extensive dataset, so here it is! Enjoy 🤗
  • On the Configure Table section, we have reworked the headers to be more streamlined and provide easier access to custom formulas, which is one of the most powerful features of Keypup, allowing you to build fit-for-purpose metrics via custom calculations.
  • Still on the Configure Table section, we've made the size of the Add Dimension/Metric button (+) more visible. Also, adding a dimension/metric now highlights it. This is particularly useful when handling reports with lots of columns. Enjoy adding more dimensions and metrics to insights!

Dashboard-wide Filter Presets

A couple of weeks ago we released Quick Presets for insight filters. Such a great idea that many of you asked us why it was not available for the dashboard-wide filters. Simply because we were cooking it! 🍳

We've added two presets to the dashboard-wide filters: 

  • Reporting Period: This preset allows you to quickly filter your entire dashboard on a given period. The preset selects the most relevant time field for each insight, based on their filter configuration. Yes, it's magical 🪄
  • Projects: This preset allows you to refine your dashboard based on a list of projects or repositories. Not rocket science but very useful.

This is only the beginning! More presets will be added over time. One preset will come to light soon (next few weeks) allowing you to quickly filter an entire dashboard on item ownership (author for PRs and assignees for issues). This is a standard dashboard-wide filter for some of our dashboard templates and we're making it standard.

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