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Get actionable insights through detailed GitHub stats and reporting.

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From startups to large enterprises, Keypup serves all the unique complexities related to project size, structure and teams, including:

“Keypup is a highly useful and practical platform, boasting user-friendly features and lightning-fast report generation.

The service provided by customer support was excellent, showcasing their dedication to customer satisfaction. We are delighted to be part of the Keypup community.”

“Keypup has been instrumental in helping us gain a better perspective on our engineering activities and identifying bottlenecks. Its ease of use combined with its comprehensive features made a difference for us”

“Great product with great support!

Keypup is extremely flexible in its reporting. Once you get your raw data connected, there is almost nothing it can't do. There is a wealth of tables, charts and other reports available. As Director of a software development team, I use Keypup to report on our work efficiencies to senior managment. Keypup makes this task very simple to produce each week.”

Brad B.

Director, Software Development

Accelerate Software Delivery

With Keypup’s GitHub Analytics Tool

Get access to vital GitHub metrics to

  • Swiftly identify and tackle bottlenecks in your development pipeline using precise GitHub stats.
  • Boost collaboration and code review efficiency with comprehensive insights on pull requests, commits, issues, and review metrics.
  • Monitor key GitHub metrics such as Deployment Frequency and Change Failure Rate to ensure smooth and dependable software releases.

Accelerate Your Software Delivery

Optimize Your Resources

  • Analyze issue patterns and trends for better resource allocation and task prioritization, supported by accurate GitHub reporting.

Improve Team and Individual Performance

  • Leverage GitHub Analytics to measure team and individual performance, cultivating a culture of high achievement and continuous improvement. 
  • The Developer Summary Dashboard brings key engineering metrics into focus, enabling teams to contextualize their delivery performances and pinpoint delivery issues.

Software Development Analytics to Unlock Your Engineering Teams' Potential

How can you improve what you can't effectively measure?

Keypup's software development analytics layer puts engineering metrics at the forefront. It helps explore, interpret, and configure real-time development data into fully customizable metrics — reports, charts, cards, KPIs, and dashboards — to enable immediate contextualization, better governance, and scale across the organization.

Go Beyond Git Analytics


Connect and Explore

Connect to your git repo(s) and ticketing/project management platform(s) and transform your software development meta-data silos into a unified, detailed, and solution-centric ecosystem with Keypup's Canonical Data Model (CDM).

Leverage Keypup’s engineering metrics builder to extract decision-enabling visualizations, highlight roadblocks, and power efficiency.


Visualize and Analyze

Choose from best-in-class templates, or build live, easy-to-understand visuals — pick the best way to extract raw data and expose meaningful narratives to your organization.

Use our assisted or advanced metrics builder to leverage and adapt pre-built dashboards and in-house metrics.  Create and collaborate on personalized and documented views to uncover decisive information.

Zoom and dive in your data to get specific information and details on data points thanks to our automated drill-down feature.


Improve and Scale

Build a software development data ecosystem that seamlessly ties in with the future of your organization.

Keypup's ready-to-use templates can help monitor key aspects, such as your team’s performance, development efficiency, quality and delivery, resource planning, processes, and more. A shift in mindset can enable you to become a data-first engineering organization and drive company growth.

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