How is the Keypup Agile board different?

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Team Scrumban
Team Scrumban. They are a team of developers working on 2 projects. One run using Scrum, the other Kanban.
Lucie is the tech lead
John is a developer working in the team
...they already use...
Our platform integrates with your repositories (GitHub, GitLab) and project management tools (Jira, ClickUp, Slack) your dev team uses.
Trello is not required to use Keypup. GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket alone is sufficient.
...and working with Keypup's Agile board looks like

2 projects are in the pipe. Plenty to do!

The 2 projects each have their own tracking board, and their own code repositories. The team runs one using SCRUM (development of an API for an e-commerce platform), the other one using KANBAN (Internal deploy tool used by the developers).

Everyone is working on the 2 projects. Tracking all progress and activities is uneasy between Gitlab and Trello.
SCRUM API project. Gitlab and  Trello used
KANBAN internal deploy project. Gitlab only
Layer 1
One board containing all activities for both projects in Scrum and Kanban

Keypup is connected. Now the team sees one board for both projects!

The Keypup Agile board gathers both projects in one board. Scrum and Kanban are reconciled to provide only one view of all activities. Feeds, information and activities from Trello and Gitlab are all included in the same board.
Layer 1

Lucie can configure the board to suit the needs of her team

Because each project has different needs, Lucie can configure the board to match both at the same time. Columns, milestones, priorities: everything is configurable!
Configuration of board to match the team workflows
Layer 1
Everyone sees progress at a glance across both projects.

Each team member can see the progress of the team and of their mates

The board can be viewed at team level or at team member level. This way, team mates can help each others and see where everyone is at.
Layer 1
The board is always up to date, automatically across projects

Lucie, John and the team do not need to update the board

The Keypup Agile board is automatically updated as Pull Requests and Issues are merged, closed, rebased etc. Nobody needs to move cards or update the board. It is automatically done.
Layer 1

John sees both projects as one stream of activity

By clicking on the cards in his board, John sees the details of the Pull Requests & Issues he's involved with, the actions required and discussions from Trello and GitLab gathered as one discussion feed.

He can reply, take actions and track upcoming Pull Requests as well as the status of those awaiting peer action.
Layer 1
Centralized view of all PR status and progress

Meanwhile Lucie keeps an eye on all pull requests

The Review & Merge board allows Jenny to quickly review the status of pull requests across the team. No more stale PRs due to information spamming!
Layer 1

Milestones delivered

In the end, the team delivered all their milestones successfully. Being able to track both projects in the one Board rather than across two different applications, with each two different setups made the team's life so much easier!
Layer 1

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