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Retrospective meetings, in-person or virtual, can last hours and results are not always exploited.
Promote constructive feedback among team members with each developer providing context around the items of the retro.
Set and forget: schedule as you need, and let your tool automatically run the retro.

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Retrospective tool
Works on top of your usual development tools. No migration required. Keypup is a free service

No more boring retrospective meetings

Easy to prepare, easy to run, actionable results.

Remote team? Never miss a retro again.

Get a fast and efficient tool to automate retrospectives and get detailed, contextualized, usable feedback whilst saving hours in meetings. Seamless integration with your Jira and Trello accounts

Reclaim the true value of retrospectives

Each developer provides feedback and context on items;
Quick and easy to prepare, yet provides detailed and insightful results.
Result is shared and saved - retrospectives are finally actionable

Easy setup, more coffee time

Configure the retrospective frequency and duration.
The process to prepare and run the retro is automated - no need to follow up with team members. Results are shared automatically within the team.


How it works

1. Setup your schedule

Project maintainers can set up the retrospective duration and frequency. They can schedule the next retrospective and set a deadline for its preparation.
Schedule retrospective
Retro feedback

2. It's retro time ⏰

A mail is sent to each team member letting them know that they have X days to fill their retro. They are reminded until completion.
Each developer simply fills out the retrospective form regrouping all the pull requests they worked on.

3. Just the data you need

Enjoy all retrospective metrics and feedback in a sleek dashboard. Results are automatically shared within the team by mail and are saved on the Keypup platform for later use. Release features with a flourish. Leave happy.
Retro dashboard
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Keypup integrates with your dev tools

No migration, no complicated setup, just connect and go! One platform. The power of all your tools.

Retrieve, analyze & action pull requests and issue data
Comment, link issues & merge pull requests in one go
Create development-centric Agile boards from all your data
Generate dynamic, shareable tracking on key issues, pull requests, categories of dev items & more
Automate retrospectives, share with your teams and make them actionable

Frequently asked questions

Do you fetch my code from GitHub or GitLab?
No we don't. Keypup uses your OAuth token to access metadata such as pull requests, issues, labels, comments etc. but never accesses your codebase via git/https/api checkouts.

Our engine does not require access to your code to evaluate the prioritization of tasks. Metadata provided by GitHub and GitLab - potentially coupled with project management information from JIRA, ClickUp etc.. - provide more than enough context for us to evaluate priorities.

Be assured that if we ever needed to access your code in the future in order to deliver a new feature we would make it an opt-in feature, the same way GitHub does for security analysis features.
How do you ensure my data is safe?
All our websites and APIs are proxied through Cloudflare to mitigate intrusions and prevent DDoS attacks.

Login to the platform is made through Auth0. User profiles and accesses are all managed by Auth0 to secure your account.API accesses are secured through Auth0 via OAuth2 scopes.

This includes User to API and component to component communications. The platform uses a least privilege approach where each component has minimal access - based on scopes - to other components' API.
How much does it cost?
Keypup offers a 14-day free trial where you can use all the platform's features without any restriction. No credit card required, and no obligation.

Aside from this, Keypup offers a Free-forever plan that comes with limited features.

If you want to keep benefiting from the full features of the platform, you can choose our Team Plan at $4.49 per user / month (USD).
Can I invite my team?
Of course you can! The more, the merrier.

Inviting your teammates is a very simple process from the admin section of your dashboard.
Inviting team members will allow you to benefit from the full effect of process streamlining, automation follow ups and more. You will also be able to work jointly on all your tracking boards.