Get clarity on your Pull Requests, Issues and Reviews

Hello fellow Developer! Want to have all your activities properly sorted and stop being spammed by your systems notifications?
How about automating all these pesky housekeeping tasks that take more time than they deserve?

You came to the right place. Welcome to a Keypup World. And it's totally free.
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Monitor all your pull requests and issues across  your code repositories, never miss a pull request review again !

The Keypup Priority Inbox works alongside your usual repositories and management tools (GitHub, GitLab, Jira, ClickUp...)

The Inbox provide an aggregated and prioritised view of development activities. All related issues and pull requests are automatically linked and grouped as a unified discussion feed.

No source code fetching. Just a development management tool to help with tracking tasks, pull requests and team work - from a developer's point of view.
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Keypup is a totally free service for Developers. No catch. No hidden prints. No credit card. We do not sell, distribute or monetize your data. We are just free for developers and that's it. We make money through Enterprise paid plans - not through you.
"Having more than 10 years experience as a developer I am so happy our community finally has a specific tool to help us track efficiently our work and get clear visibility on all activities going on at once. That's why we created Keypup!"
Arnaud LACHAUME, CTO Keypup

Focus on development

Stop wasting time organizing your tasks and reduce your workload. Keypup automatically prioritizes your data, tasks and actions. No more notifications spamming.
Automatically prioritized

Issues, pull requests and reviews prioritized based on due date, actions, criticality & more. Implement your own priorities.

Items aggregated

Pull requests and issues are automatically grouped based on links. All information synced in one place.

Remote actions

All items have clear actions such as implement, review, merge. Action and Keypup disseminates in your tools.

Get notified

Have Slack? We'll remind you of important actions


How does Keypup help developers daily?

Let us show you how Keypup works through a real-life use case that might look familiar to you
Jenny, she is a product developer
Bob, he is a frontend developer working with Jenny
...they already use...
Jira and Slack are not required to use Keypup. GitHub or GitLab alone is sufficient.
...and working with Keypup looks like

It's sprint time!

Jenny logs into JIRA and assigns a couple of issues to Bob for this week.
Layer 1
All issues from his different apps in one place

Bob is ready to work!

Bob sees two issues in his Keypup priority Inbox with all the details he needs: description, comments, due date, labels etc.
Layer 1

A pull request is opened

Bob opens a Pull Request on GitHub with his items and links both JIRA issues using auto-linking keywords.
Layer 1
PR and issue discussions gathered in a single feed

Issues get grouped automatically

Thanks to auto-linking Bob only needs to follow a single item in his Keypup Priority Inbox instead of tracking his pull request and the two issues individually in his other tools.
Layer 1
Automated reminder of daily priorities

Next morning at 9am

Bob receives a digest via Slack with a reminder on his current priorities.
Go for it Bob!
Layer 1

Time for review!

Bob is finished with his pull request. He assigns it to Jenny for review. The item is automatically moved from his prioritized list to the Pending Peer tab.

This keeps Bob's prioritized list actionable and clean!
Layer 1
Automated assignment for PR actions

Jenny's turn to review

Because Bob assigned Jenny on his pull request, it automatically appears in Jenny's Priority Inbox with an action set to Review.
Layer 1
Efficient collaboration between team members

Changes required on Bob's pull request

Jenny has made her review and requested Bob to change a few things. The pull request comes back to Bob's Priority Inbox with action Address review changes.
Layer 1
Centralized view of all PR status and progress

Meanwhile Jenny keeps an eye on all pull requests

The Review & Merge board allows Jenny to quickly review the status of pull requests across the team. No more stale PRs due to information spamming!
Layer 1
No more useless back and forth during reviews

Bob assigns Jenny for re-review...but wait..what?

Looks like the build is failing now. Despite having assigned Jenny for review the item remains in Bob's Priority Inbox with action Fix build.
Layer 1
Quick merge in one click

Ready to merge!

After Bob fixes his build, Jenny approves the pull request.

Because Keypup has automatically detected that Jenny was the project maintainer, the PR is moved to Jenny's Priority Inbox with action Merge.
Layer 1

Security matters!

Keypup does not fetch, copy, duplicate, modify or store any parts of your source code. Keypup only accesses metadata such as pull requests, issues, milestones etc.

Our products support single sign on (SSO) via the repositories for authentication. It is the only way for users to access the Keypup platform.

We understand that security is critical, and we follow best practices and strict procedures to keep our systems, and your data, safe. We perform regular penetration testing and audits of Keypup and its infrastructure.

See our full security policy here

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