Query your data the easy way - no API required

Hello fellow Developer! Do you feel the need to have access to advanced querying in your development systems?

Fed up with jumping around browser tabs to understand what's happening across your projects?

You came to the right place. Welcome to the Keypup Data Explorer. It's totally free.
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Get better insights on pull requests, issues and reviews. Cleaner, quicker, more advanced reports in few clicks without any API call.

The Keypup Data Explorer works alongside your usual repositories and management tools (GitHub, GitLab, Jira, ClickUp...)

The Explorer allows you to query any data related to your issues and pull requests as well as to save, share and pin reports to see how they evolve.

No source code fetching. Just a simple yet advanced code activity querying and search tool. And it is totally free!
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Keypup is a totally free service for Developers. No catch. No hidden prints. No credit card. We do not sell, distribute or monetize your data.  
"Having more than 10 years experience as a developer I am so happy our community finally has a specific tool to help us track efficiently our work and get clear visibility on all activities going on at once. That's why we created Keypup!"
Arnaud LACHAUME, CTO Keypup

Keep track of development

Keypup provides you with a quick yet advanced way to query your development activities and track them. Following up on mission-critical items across your projects has never been easier.
Build queries faster

Simply type in queries with standard logics and see with our Query explainer the resulting search run on your code activities.

Identify related issues

Identify quickly all issues nested under their respected pull requests even if they are linked to pull requests and do not appear as individual items.

Create comprehensive filters

Create comprehensive filters using multiple layers of AND/OR conditions associated with common matchers for each field types.

Keep track

The reports you create are dynamic. You can see them at all times in your Keypup Priority Inbox and save them for later use.


Report across all your apps in one place

The Keypup Data Explorer allows you to easily query data from your connected systems, including GitHub and GitLab.

No more jumping around browser tabs to understand what's happening across your projects. Simply enter your query from a clean and clear interface and voilà! Dynamic reports right at your fingertips.

Pin reports as tabs in your Keypup Priority Inbox, to have them readily available and track evolution.

Real-time reports. And they're neat too!

Reports are super simple to generate yet will provide you with advanced insights and follow ups thanks to the clever logics of our query engine and its explainer.

Create reports with multiple layers of conditions on labels, assignees, review state, build status and much more.

Save, share, review rapidly from the tabs of your Priority Inbox.
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Remember it is totally free

Clean, clear, organized, automated. Just what you need.

Security matters!

Keypup does not fetch, copy, duplicate, modify or store any parts of your source code. Keypup only accesses metadata such as pull requests, issues, milestones etc.

Our products support single sign on (SSO) via the repositories for authentication. It is the only way for users to access the Keypup platform.

We understand that security is critical, and we follow best practices and strict procedures to keep our systems, and your data, safe. We perform regular penetration testing and audits of Keypup and its infrastructure.

See our full security policy here

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